Monday , October 3 2022

The new surgery makes Junior Lima cancel the appearance


Junior musician Junior Lima, Sandy's former twin sister, told Instagram that he had to de-select a show from the electronic music duo Manimal in Cuiabá on Saturday (11/17) because of a kidney stone "too big and does not go without surgery. "

"During almost 30 years of my career, I have had very serious episodes and rarely had to choose a broadcast because of health. This time it's a bit more serious, "she insisted.

"I have a catheter that connects the kidney to the bladder so there is no hindrance, it is a more serious problem. […] I want you to know that I have performed performances in the worst possible situations: pneumonia, renal colic, intestinal disorder … ". The singer said the problem is directly linked to last minute surgery done less than a month before, on October 30th.

"I have done two surgeries, I have already done the first one, which was urgent, between three surgeries and one I had three impressions, I managed to fulfill the first two, but every performance I have made, I feel more pain, why hurts me "

"(My) next surgery, the limit is Monday, that's when I do it. But that's because since the Saturday's show is very close to the date of the surgery, I will not be able to I do it because it hurt me to make a show I have a lot of pain and I hope you understand me. "

Finally, Junior invited the audience to present his presentation in the 15th edition of Intermed Centro-Oeste, a student event: "I promise that the next time I have the opportunity to play in Cuiabá, I will make the best show I can and we have a lot of fun. "

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