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Unemployment is higher among northeast Brazilians, women and blacks, IBGE


The unemployment rate in Brazil declined to 11.9% in the third quarter of 2018, but reached 14.4% in the North East Region, 13.8% in the brown population, and 14.6% in the black race groups defined in the survey according to the statement of the respondents. When gender was analyzed, women, with 13.6%, had a higher unemployment rate than men, 10.5%.

The data was released on Wednesday 14 January by the Institute of Geography and Statistics of Brazil (IBGE). The rhythm appears in the Continuous Tri-Pop Quarterly Survey. A person over 14 who has been seeking employment and has not been found is considered unemployed.

Four Northeastern countries are among the five with the highest unemployment: Sergipe (17.5%), Alagoas (17.1%), Pernambuco (16.7%) and Bahia (16.2%). However, the highest unemployment rate in the third quarter of 2018 was in Amasa, where the figure reached 18.3%.

The Southern Region has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, with 7.9%, while Santa Katarina is the state with the lowest 6.2%. In the previous quarter, the southern region had an unemployment rate of 8.2% and the northeast, 14.8%.

Of the 12.5 million people who requested employment and did not find it, 52.2% were brown, 34.7% were white and 12% were black. These percentages differ from the participation of each of these groups in the total workforce: brown (47.9%), white (42.5%) and black (8.4%).

IBGE also reported that in the third quarter of 2018 the number of discouraged people amounted to 4.78 million. The contingent is still close to the 4.83 million recorded in the second quarter, the highest figure in the historical series. IBGE considers discouraged those who are unemployed and has left the job search.

The percentage of discouraged people has reached 4.3% and has the highest proportion in Maranhão and Alagoas, where it reaches 16.6% and 16%. Maranhão also has the lowest percentage of employees with a formal contract (51.1%).

In the third quarter of this year, 74.1% of private sector employees had a formal contract, a rate that was stable over the previous quarter.

In addition to the lowest unemployment rate in the country, 6.2%, Santa Catarina also has the lowest percentage of discouraged workers 0.8% and the highest rate of employees with an official contract of 88.4%.

The under-employment rate of the Brazilian labor force was 24.2%, or 27.3 million. This number adds to those who requested a job and did not find it, who did not look for it, who were looking for it and was no longer available for work and who works less than 40 hours a week and would like to work longer.

The occupied population amounted to 92.6 million people. This group employs 67.5% of employees, 4.8% of employers, 25.4% of self-employed and 2.4% of auxiliary family workers.

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