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Unesp is being used in this fifth trial of the first phase of the vestibule


São Paulo University Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho (Unesp) applied on Thursday the 15th test of the first phase of the 2019 college exams. A total of 98,224 students will take the examinations in 31 cities in the state of Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Campo Grande , Curitiba and Uberlândia. The second phase will be implemented in the same cities on 16 and 17 December.

The gates will be closed at 2:00 pm, Brazil time, and the organization recalls that candidates must carry identification documents. "The test materials to be obtained from the candidates are black pencil (pencil use), scraper, eraser, black ink pen (transparent material) and transparent ruler", the institution's data. half an hour.

The cities for which there is a career offer at this entrance to the university are Araçatuba (170 jobs), Araraquara (855), Assis (405), Bauru (1,045), Botucatu (600), Dracena (80) Guaratinguetá (310), Ilha Solteira (310), Itapeva (80), Jaboticabal (280), Marília (475), Ourinhos (90), São João da Boa Vista to Rio Preto (460), São José dos Campos (120), São Paulo (185), São Vicente (80) and Tupa (120).

Of the 7,365 sites offered, 3,667 are planned for the Web System and 3,698 for the Reserve System for Primary Schools – in each undergraduate program, at least 50% of the vacancies will be allocated to students attending high school in public schools in Brazil.

Of the vacancies allocated to the Reserve System for Vacancies for Public Basic Education, 1,300 (35%) are for candidates who have declared themselves to be black, coffers or natives.

Questions and answers on the selection process

Unesp has prepared a list of frequently asked questions about entrance examinations. Check the answers to these questions below.

What document should I present at the time of the examination?

The applicant must present in all tests the original of one of the following identification documents: RG. National driving license (model with photo)? Military certificate; CTPS. Passport. The board portfolio or category and identity issued by military organizations.

What are the recommended test materials and how long does it take?

The test materials to be obtained from the candidates are a black ink pen (made of transparent material) and a transparent ruler. The candidate may also carry a black pencil (pencil forbidden), scraper and eraser. The exam will take four and a half hours.

Can I change my entrance exam course? If I pass the full-time lesson that the degree of cutting is higher than the night, can I move to the night class?

According to pages 13 and 14 of the applicant's manual, the student will make the choice for the lesson at the time of registration and it is not possible to change the selection after registration.

What is the most competitive course of your unit and Unesp?

You can consult Vestibular Unesp's vacancy / vacancy position on the Vunesp website. The total is 98,224 registered in 7,365 positions. The average number of candidates per vacancy is 13.3 registered per vacancy for each course.

How can Unesp meet people with disabilities? Does Unesp offer special exams? Do test rooms guarantee access for disabled people?

A candidate requiring specific test conditions must, in addition to registering on the Internet, send in a file a report issued by an expert who accurately describes the nature, type and degree of disability and the conditions necessary to carry out the tests. The Applicant's Handbook provides more information on how to proceed.

Can I wear earrings / jabs during the test?

Yes, the earrings and jabs are released. However, no electronic device such as a calculator, mobile phone, clock, audio player of any nature or any other material than that provided by the VUNESP Foundation, nor the use of protective caps, caps, hats and sunglasses. More information on prohibited articles can be found on page 19 of the Applicant's Guide.

How does the second phase classification work?

The first phase, consisting of 90 multiple choice questions, ranges from 0 to 100. Six candidates are invited for the second phase, on average, for each course.

Will I be disqualified if I am not in a discipline?

A candidate will only be excluded if he / she does not attend one of the exams, including those in the second stage, if he / she has grades of less than 20 in the first stage test or fails in the second stage Specialty Test (36 questions of the two-day examination) or writing.

Which books will Unesp charge to the vestibular system?

Unesp does not work with the mandatory reading list.

I put the place of proof in a place I do not have to go to. I wonder if you can change.

According to pages 13 and 14 of the applicant's manual, the student will state the city they wish to receive at the time of registration and can not be changed at this time.

What time is the test?

It is advisable to go to your race position one hour before the beginning of each event, that is, at 1:00 pm, when you enter the building. The building's gates will close at 2pm. The late ones will not be accepted.

Can I use the Enem note on Unesp Vestibular?

Yes, Unesp uses Enem to compile the final mark of successful candidates in the second phase, provided it is higher than the quality of the first-stage test. The Enem grade will then compose 10% of the final grade for the lessons without a skill test. For professional careers, Enem will represent 6.66% of your final grade.

And who did not make Enem?

For these candidates, only the general knowledge test (first phase) will be taken into account without loss.

This is the first time I get the test and my city is not being implemented, so I have to move. Did you want to know the closing time of the gates?

The building's gates will close at 2pm. The late ones will not be accepted.

What happens if the candidate is delayed for some serious reason, such as a storm or the death of a family member or the need to stay in the hospital? Did he miss the test?

After closing the gates, no candidate enters the building. If you stay in the hospital, you should contact Vunesp at least four hours in advance so that he can see the possibility of applying the test to the hospital.

How is the safety of the vestibular Unesp safe, from testing preparation to printing and correction?

The procedures adopted by Vunesp, from its first hall in 1980, guarantee the security and confidentiality of testing at all stages: preparation, printing, transfer and correction. On the day of the examination, the candidate sees in his room the sealed batch of evidence opened by the Public Prosecutor and that all candidates are filmed, as well as a trained and prudent staff who will follow the standardized procedures for all candidates in all cities.

I lost my RG and made Enem with the Bulletin. Can I do the same with Unesp?

A: Consult VUNESP, by phone: (11) 3874-6300

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