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Unicamp runs the first phase today. see what to do and what to expect from the race – News


Unicamp will take the first phase of the 2019 college entrance exam on Sunday (18). The gates will open at 12 hours (Brazilian time) and close at 13:00, with exams starting shortly. THE UOL, in cooperation with the Target program, will carry out the annotated correction and uncover the informal feedback.

The examination will take five hours and applicants will be able to leave the examination room only after 4.30 pm. It is São Paulo's second large vestibule in less than a week, as Thursday was the first phase of Unesp.

At this stage, the candidates will face 90 multi-choice questions, with four alternatives in each. There are 13 questions of Portuguese and literature, 13 mathematics, 9 of history, 9 of geography, 9 of physics, 9 of chemistry, 9 of biology, 7 of English and 12 interdisciplinary questions.

Consult the candidate's manual

What to bring:

  • Original document on the inscription
  • Black pen with transparent tube
  • Black pencil
  • Rubber
  • The clear ruler and the compass are allowed.

What is forbidden to transfer:

  • Mobile Phones & Other Electronics
  • Digital clocks
  • Liquid concealer
  • Pencil pencil
  • Pen-text
  • Bandana / scarf, cap, hat or "other foreign material to be tested"

The list of Unicamp-approved first phase will be announced on December 10th. The second phase examinations will take place on 13, 14 and 15, 2017. Special examinations for Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Dance and Music will take place between 21 and 25 January. The first approved call will be released on 11 February.

What to expect from the first phase?

Unlike the Enem (National High School Examination), the Unicamp test has questions that leave no room for doubt at the time of the answer, requiring the student to achieve the proposed topic. This is explained by the pedagogical coordinator of the course Objetivo, Vera Antunes.

"There are not very long questions, very long texts, Unicamp has already simplified its proof. In this first phase of Sunday, it brings small texts and the alternatives are not long. the student will have no doubt in the answer, "explains the teacher.

At this first stage, the teacher explains that he / she will be asked questions that require fundamental knowledge about each subject in order to answer. "The candidate is evaluated by what he has learned, if he does not know how to ask the question, is one thing, but that is not a matter he has never heard," he argues.

Antunes points out that the student should choose and get to know the most convenient topic and start with it, but deserves more attention in the Portuguese language and mathematics as they are the topics with the highest number of questions.

"The tip is always to do with care.See what the statement asks for. Have you been to a question for a long time? Go ahead, write the question, continue the test and then go back. Or you are careful with the time also, separate time to pass the comment carefully, "he says.

New ways of joining

The novelty of this year's introduction to this year's university is that there are four forms of entry: the traditional vestibule, the native vestibule, the Enem (National Secondary Education Control) and the scientific Olympics.

Within the "traditional" way, the student can also enter through national racial quotas, where 25% of all courses should be covered by self-proclaimed blacks or coffees.

Generally, 3,340 normal scoring places will be allocated, broken down as follows:

  • 2,589 positions by Unicamp Vestibular
  • 645 vacancies from Edict Enem-Unicamp
  • 83 vacancies from the Edital Scientific Olympics and Knowledge Competitions
  • 23 vacancies from native vestibule

Unicamp says admission to Indian college will have 49 extra seats, and Scientific Olympiad tickets will have seven additional seats.

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