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4 patriotic variants after Simeonov's resignation


Patriots decide whether to start a new deputy prime minister

Volen Siderov demanded the resignation of Karakatsanov to start clear

Four scandalous scenarios in the government and in the ruling coalition took place on Saturday – a day after Valeri Symeonov's resignation.

The Deputy Prime Minister left late on Friday after almost one-month protests against mothers with disabilities for his words "shy women speculating with their children," who were "terribly ill".

The mother's request for resignation included the BSP and the MRF with a boycott of the quorum in parliament. Simeonov's partner in the United Patriots and Volen Siderov talked about it. Surprisingly yesterday, the leader of Ataka demanded the resignation of another deputy chairman of the patriots Krasimir Karakachanov.

Shortly before 22:00 on Friday, Simeonov personally announced that he was withdrawing. He did so with a statement to the Council of Ministers and without answering the media questions. As a reason, he pointed out the campaign against him and said he did not want to weigh the successful administration as a fighting stone, creating prerequisites for public moods, protests and attacks "not only from the opposition but also from outside parliamentary parties." (What you said – see below.)

His resignation was immediately accepted by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, who apologized several times for the words of the Vice-President, but just two days ago he explained that he could not ask for it, and Simeonov's fate was in the hands of the United Patriots.

The prime minister will resign to parliament along with the new name for the post. It has to be transmitted from the United Patriot quota, like the coalition agreement, explained GERB head Tsvetan Tsvetanov.

To leave, the NFSB chief only briefed one of his associates, Krassimir Karakachanov, from VMRO, who supported him all the time.

"There was no demand for a resignation from Borisov," Simeov called me on Friday, when we both went to the prime minister and informed him of his decision, "Karakatsanome said yesterday at Nova TV. The Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense expressed doubts about the fact that the decline with which the cup had overtaken was the statement of MPF MP Petar Petrov. On Thursday, Petros told Darik Radio that children with disabilities should be given home and called "abnormal". This caused a violent reaction and Tsvetan Tsvetanov had to apologize on behalf of his associates.

Volen Siderov, however, learned from the media his partner's decision. Their relations with Simeonov are at a cooling point after a series of scandals between them and their parliamentarians. (Siderov's comment, see below.)

After leaving the executive, Simeanov will return to parliament. Thus, the "Attack" deputies will be reduced by one, because Miglena Alexandrova will come out of the National Assembly. She herself said 24 hours ago that she is ready to make this sacrifice, only Simeonov to give up.

The first of these scenarios is linked to the return of the NFBS leader behind parliamentary banks.

1. Raleigh Valeri

Simeonov –

Volen Siderov

Under this option, Ataka's chief may join the government as Deputy Prime Minister and Simeonov to lead the group of MPs from the United Patriots. This is a small possible scenario, commented intimate, although everyone is wondering exactly how Simeonov and Siderov will work in Parliament, since they can not be tolerated. However, according to Karakatsanov, returning the yak to parliament will stabilize the small coalition.

"I am not the one who, entering a team, will break him and betray him. I do not see how difficult it is to work with Simeonov, I am myself," Siderov said yesterday. new topic of a new chairman of the group, as he long asked for his resignation from the NFFS and even declared he did not recognize him as his boss.

However, if it is such a choice, it will also lead to an earthquake in the government. Under the coalition agreement, the United Patriots have four cabinet representatives: the VMRO and the NFSB are with Deputy Prime Ministers – Karakachanov, who is also Defense Minister, and Simeonov, who has no portfolio, and Ataka has been abolished by its quota Economy Ministers Emil Karaivanov and Ecology Neno Dimov. As vice president of Siderov, the NFFS should take ministerial positions, which will lead to some repairs to the government. This makes this option even more undesirable.

2. Victhe Prime Minister

position of Simeonov

It's closed

This thesis was publicly launched by the leader of Ataka, who asked why there should be a second vice-president from the patriots. It has no portfolio, nothing will fail and it will collapse, Siderev commented. His dissertation was also supported by MPs from the other two parties of the United Patriots, and it is very likely that this is the best solution in all the coalition conflicts.

3. New formula


non-party name

Ultimately, the decision on who will replace him in the Cabinet will depend on Valery Simeonov himself. If he urges man to become a vice president, he may be deputy head of NFBS Boris Yacev, MPs suggested. He is also Deputy Chief of Parliament Yavor Notev, but is from "Attack".

"We will probably offer a new Deputy Prime Minister, but who is this a matter of discussion, this is not a position that I or IMRO should appoint." We will wait for Valeriy Simeonov to offer something or to discuss in the coalition, "he said. Karakachanov.

Siderov said he would propose a position in the government to assume a non-party, "a technocrat and a specialist." And it does not have to be from one of the three parties, he explained.

4. Go and go

Karakachanov and


of posts

starts from the beginning

This is a scenario only if Siderov's request for resignation and Karakachanov is met. "Let's start clean, let's do something patriotic to the clean, because both did not pass the test," Siderov says in a post on facebook.

But last night, the deputy prime minister said he did not accept appeals for media withdrawal and urged Ataka leader if he was so concerned about the coalition to go to their council meeting. He suspected that, behind Siderov's attacks, his mercenaries would be the head of the Eurolist of the EP.

The fight continues, he said

Simeonov after his resignation

"The fight is going on, the reason for the joy of my opponents is temporary." In these words, Deputy Prime Minister Valery Simomenov wrapped up his statement in the media late Friday when he announced that he would resign.

Simeonov was uneasy that he did not put pressure on him.

As a reason for his decision, he pointed out the media campaign against him, which also benefited some political forces. "This campaign hinders sovereignty and power and becomes a hindrance to the normal functioning of the present government. I can not bear this, it is not my personality, but the Bulgarian sovereignty, which is a very successful one. one of the most successful and I will not allow myself to weigh this governance as a fighting stone, creating prerequisites for public moods, protests and attacks not only from the opposition but also from outside parliamentary parties, Simenov said, adding that it is not his children's dream to be a deputy prime minister.

Simeonov described what he had done as Deputy Prime Minister. I also understand that I am not well accepted because I am not a model politician but a man who believes that the truth must be said to be honest, stable, stubborn, he added.

Siderov: I'm waiting

justify this

they did not hear me

"The resignation of Valeri Simeonov does not agree with me, I expect the members of the Coalition Council – Borisov, Tsvetanov, Karakatsan and Simeonov – to say to me:" Abe, Volene was right, sorry we did not hear you a month ago " Ataka leader Volen Siderov said in his office at the headquarters of the party and reminded that a month ago he said that after the huge mutation of Simeonov with the mothers the only civilized way was the resignation.

He is already late and, amid this accumulated indignation of the stubborn in power, I do not know if the damage can be restored, he commented. Just a year ago, I said we are not in the power of lifts, discos, benches and income, living standards, unemployment, which is the people on the road today, he said. "I have no problem attacking Simeonov," added Siderov.


Tsvetanov does not wait

early elections and

a stronger coalition

Simeonov's decision is good, it will allow the government to work for mothers and children, said Fadakova

I do not expect early elections, hesitation and return to moments when we know what the deficit is and what is the BSP heritage. This was stated by the President of GERB PG Tsvetan Tsvetanov after the resignation of Valery Simeonov. Not surprised by the decision, because the NFBS leader has often said that power is not everything.

There is no change in the coalition agreement, the resignation is filed and accepted and who will take the position of Simeonov will decide "United Patriots," Tsvetanov commented on bTV. And he declined to comment on the names of the possible successors of the Vice-President.

What happened and the subsequent consultations between the patriotic leaders would strengthen relations in the small coalition, their partner is convinced. All of them were right in their efforts for stability.

The government will continue to fulfill its commitments to the mothers of children with disabilities and is completely behind their demands, Tsvetanov said. However, part of the protests in the country were organized by the BSP, the president and outside parliamentary groups.

In politics, you must always be a stretched hand, and despite what the president did, we are ready to work together and seek consensus, "Tsvetanov added. However, he described recent Rumen Radev's speeches as "the irresponsible behavior of the head of state, who must seek to become a unifier of the nation." And again reminded that during the "single government" of the President there were fewer revenues in the fund and doubts about large defense spending. This man can not give moral judgments about the political situation in the country, the head of GERB GUEB said.

Valeri Simeonov's resignation is an expected and good decision to continue changing the legislation for children with disabilities, commented Sofia Mayor and GERD Deputy Chief Yordanka Fandakova. He added that there was tension and had to be apologized before. Following Simeonov's decision, the government has the opportunity to focus on its duties, he added to Nova TV.

"I hope to calm down the situation, but do not forget that the situation is pre-election." Many political forces exploit every dissatisfaction, politicians need to seek a solution instead of competing for negotiations. Asked if the government was able to understand what the protesters wanted, he said: "There is a lot of disagreement with the demands of the protesters and one certainly enjoys dissatisfaction."

BSP: Resignation

it's late, protests

today are different

They decide on Monday to continue the boycott of the quorum in the National Assembly

Simeonov's resignation was mandatory, but he was delayed, pushed and impatient. This was stated by social worker Cornelia Ninova. Congratulates mothers for not having resigned for 26 days.

The big victory is not only the resignation of Valeri Simeonov. It is a stroke of a bigger picture – the awakened political power, the feeling of justice that prevails over fear and apathy, Ninava commented.

This resignation will not change anything, because the protests and the situation are already different and the government will not change the policies, the socialist was categorical. And he explained that the BSP is still an expression of some of the protest demands he has submitted to parliament.

On Monday in an extraordinary session, the Red Bureau and the leadership of the group will decide whether to continue the boycott of the parliament quorum and refuse to register this morning. The Social Democrats have not done that for several weeks, on condition that Simeov's resignation is forthcoming.

MRF: Resignation

it's too late

nor does he decide

one problem

The resignation of the unfortunate deputy prime minister was mandatory, delayed and will not change anything, said MRF leader Mustafa Karaday on facebook. Resignation has shown that active citizens do not resist cynicism, arrogance and impotence. But this act does not solve the problems, he adds.

Protests of mothers

continue, you want

a new resignation

Resignation of Valeriy Simeonov will not stop the protests of mothers, it became clear on Friday night.

We continue until his resignation from parliament is not passed, Vera Ivanova, organizer of the "Our system kills" initiative and one of the main participants in the demonstrations, said yesterday in the Council of Ministers.

Mothers also called for a new resignation – Adriana Stoimenova, who is deputy chairman of the National Council of People with Disabilities.

Others said they continue with their protests until promised by the law that they promised the cabinet.

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