Thursday , June 8 2023

Bulgarian pieces in the new Mercedes Actros (Photos)


Months after the premiere of the new Mercedes A-Class with the stylish MBUX system developed by Bulgarian engineers, the car giant announced its next revolutionary technology involving births. This is the cockpit of the most modern truck in the world – the new Actros with an active drive assist system.

The role of the Bulgarian development center Viseon is extremely large – from the construction of the project to the development of the individual components of the system architecture. In the device itself, independently of each other, three different operating systems work to provide a safe and secure environment for performing specific functions. A revolution for this type of embedded systems is the use of hardware virtualization software to better manage peripherals. The project is based on Visteon's SmartCore technology, which incorporates many traditional devices into a unified system. With this success with its first truck project, engineers at the Sofia Development Center are extremely pleased with the opportunity to gain a unique experience in heavy-duty vehicles.

With a series of appearances in several exhibitions and the launch of the Actros flagship, Daimler showed live live heavyweight news. The main features of new trucks are the removal of side mirrors and the fully digitized interior of the cabin. Traditional power tools (speedometers, turntables, etc.) have been replaced by a large screen that can be adjusted as desired by the driver. The number of buttons around the dashboard also drops dramatically with touch panels affecting the touch, the driver can change menus that provide information about the traffic status and truck status, driving mode or just a quick access to and a connected phone.

Other interesting parts to the young actors are:

  • semi-automatic driving (the vehicle follows and does not leave the lane)
  • the identification of road signs and objects as well as road users
  • Traffic lane stripe notification (in the case of manual driving) and Object notification in visibility visibility (Blank) area
  • adjustable panel view according to driver preferences and vehicle adjustment through driver profile

In addition to the instrument cluster, the touch screen with intuitive interface, steering buttons and quick release bar beneath the center display deserve attention. They provide the driver with easy navigation in the menus, whether it's music and entertainment or to get important information about the truck's status and manage various functions that can be installed on the vehicle.

The main menus available on the main screen are:

  • In and radio
  • Phone and smartphone (using Apple's interfaces – CarPlay and Google – AndroidAuto)
  • Lighting control
  • Truck condition
  • Alarms
  • Virtual buttons
  • Checking the air conditioner

Equipped with more than 60 new features, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has in fact released part-time autonomous driving in a production line and Bulgarian engineers have once again demonstrated the scale of world-class concepts and skills.

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