Saturday , April 1 2023

Dos. Kunchev predicts: from November we will enter a restaurant with a QR code


There should be someone at the entrance of each restaurant to scan our health certificate

We are monitoring the workload of hospitals. Last week, the number of incidents was really high, between 70-90 percent. The busiest places are Sofia, Vidin, Pazardzhik, Gabrovo, Pernik. This was announced on NOVA by the Chief State Health Inspector Assoc.

According to him, the purpose of the health certificate is to ensure the full freedom of those vaccinated in our country before their lives before the pandemic.

“In our country, this will apply to a little more than 20% of the population, because so far many have been vaccinated. The purpose of this measure is not to interfere in the economy, normal life and to stimulate people to some extent. commented and said that the certificate will be transported both on paper and as an application on our phone.

He explained that the main organization would be in the hands of restaurant owners, who had to give a person at the entrance to scan the QR code to confirm that customers were actually vaccinated.

“No one in the QR code can access your personal information, it will just be clear whether you have such a certificate or not. Of course, there will be external control,” said Associate Professor. Kunchev explained.

“If we don’t increase the number of immunized people, we will not only go to restaurants, but we will have many other problems, because we will perceive it as a country that is undesirable to visit due to the low level of vaccination,” he said. added.

Although we wanted to visit a restaurant and were not vaccinated, Associate Professor Kunchev explained that we would have to do a quick test by the staff before letting us in, adding: “Use tests that are cheap enough and easy now.”

When the measure comes into force, the health inspector predicts that this could happen in early November if all stakeholders agree.

Finally, when asked whether a national quarantine was possible, Assoc.

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