Thursday , June 8 2023

Hazayin sues Dumbell the dagger + IMAGE


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Barcelona's wing Osman Dembele is in a new scandal.

The French national owner of his home in Dortmund – Gerd Weizenberg has filed a lawsuit against the footballer. He insists on receiving compensation of 20,000 euros, writes Bild.

The reason for this is that Dembele has left a real habit in the property he lived before his transfer to Camp Nou. It has caused damage, and in the fridge and between the cabinets there is food rot. On the floor, the owner found scattered garbage bags. In addition, the lease did not end in time and the attacker did not return the keys.

Dembele has recently problems with Barca's discipline and can not be sold. His name is linked to the passage of Liverpool. From day one, Dembele did not do the best in Spain. He left Dortmund after a noisy scandal and his refusal to train. Then the lack of pursuits led to a serious injury, and to this day the talent can not be won by the Catalans.

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