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He is not guilty of the dead building on Alabin Street, which killed 2 women 12 years ago (review)


Four prosecutors changed, one ended the case. The present confessed that his colleagues ruined the investigation

12 years after the construction of 39th Alabin Street in Sofia, two young women guilty of the tragedy collapsed and shook up.

The verdict, which feared mourning and prosecutors, read Judge Velichka Marinkova at the Sofia Court.

The owner of the Georgi Kirchev building, director of engineer "Hrisoma", engineer Petar Petrov, commissioned the building renovation, Nikolay Simeonov, director of "A3 – Architecture and Performance" and developer Mancho Antonov, owner of the repair company " Media Mancho ". He is defamed defendant because he is in obscurity.

Yesterday, room no. 11 gathered accused, lawyers and prosecutors to announce their final views on the outcome of the case, which became an emblematic example of slow justice.

The investigation lasted for 10 years and four prosecutors were replaced: Cavardar Angelov, Georgi Kuzmanov, Pratela Nikova and Milko Bochev.

One of them still

stopped, but

the court is not


"The prosecutor not only did not have any activity to collect evidence to fully clarify the objective truth in the case but has judged one of them and others did not discuss it at all," the court said.

In the sixth year, the owner of the building Georgi Kirchev, director of the company "Chrisoma" and engineer Petar Petrov, responsible for the control of the renovation of the building, was accused. Kirseff is juicy for the family of former Prime Minister Ivan Kostov.

A little later, the prosecutor's office called for the case to be closed against Kirchev. The reason – did not know building, appointed people to move the repair, and it is not blame. The court refused on the grounds that

the businessman

personally ordered


have led

its collapse


Following this court decision, the accused increased by 2 – Nikolai Shimenov from "A3 Architecture and Performance" and Mscho Antonov – a subcontractor.

The four-storey building in the center of Sofia collapsed at 18:03 on September 19, 2006.

Under the debris, two young women died – 26-year-old Deniska Kisseva and Stonehenge Christina, 24, walked accidentally with a peacock on Alabin Street when the building collapsed.

The case at the Sofia Court began in 2016. Manto Antonov is in obscurity. The four are accused of causing more than one person to die because of their poor performance.

The parents of the two girls want a total of 750,000 euros in blood.

Yesterday before the court, Prosecutor Botsec explained the chronological order of the case. Dont miss

he did it

comments to

colleagues and

the municipality,

who issued a mandate to abolish construction after the collapse before the researchers do their job.

"In this case, experts have come to the conclusion that the collapse is due to the removal of plaster, the dismantling of wooden floors and window frames within the doors or the same activities, and the removal of internal partitions," the prosecutor said.

He also referred to the guardians' testimonies telling the workers that they were wearing beams and wood. They also claim that the building was not safe, there were no fences.

The main witness, Nikolai Alexandrov, who owns, explained during the investigation that Kirchev personally ordered the workers to remove the supportive columns. Before the court turned away from his testimony.

One and a half hours before the building fell, the workers heard a crack and broke, the prosecutor said.

The 72-year-old woman who spent the building on the day of her collapse even called the Institute of Cultural Monuments that the building collapsed.

Kirchev took over the building on August 5, 2006. On August 15 of the same year he signed a repair contract with "A3 – Architecture and Performance", represented by Simeonov. It contains specific tasks that the company will perform. He must remove the plaster, demolish the walls, remove the frames, the lining, the floor and the el. The contract stipulates that the assignor is entitled at any time to carry out repairs. Kirchev and Simeonov understand that if necessary, brick walls and reinforced concrete structures will be demolished, the prosecutor says.

Simeonov assured the owner,

that he will hire people,

every day


with the repair

The company of "A3 – Architecture and Performance" has no builders and has turned to a subcontractor in the face of Mancho Antonov, owner of "Media Mancho" ET.

"A3 – Architecture and Performance" and "Media Mancho" signed a contract. The people of Manto Antonov had the duty to remove the plaster on the walls and ceilings, to dismantle the light dividing walls, the false ceilings, the metal windows, the floor and the el.

In the talks, but without mentioning the convention, Simeonov told President Antonov Kirseff –

if needed

crash and

interior walls

The lawyers of the defendants have demanded that their clients be declared innocent. In general, their defense was based on the testimony of Labor Alexandrov before the court in Sofia. Judge Marinkova said that when they questioned him during the investigation, he threatened to declare that the building collapsed because beams were pressed. But he does not remember the name of the man who made him lie.

Why judge Marinkova justifies the accused, it will be clear at the earliest within 60 days. The verdict is not final and can be challenged before the Sofia court of second instance.

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