Monday , January 30 2023

Ilane Musk: "Apple is no longer impressive and impresses us"


The CEO and owner of SpaceX and Tesla, Illan Musk, gave an interview with Recode despite her busy schedule.

Mssk said that Tesla is trying to create a car that makes people really happy and said:There are not many products that make us happy. For a long time, Apple has provided similar production. I now believe that the company is creating great phones. I have always used and will use the iPhone. So far, Apple has provided a technique that has struck and surprised us. Of course, this company also presents great products, but they are no longer surprised".

Apple compares Apple with Tesla. The developer recalled that Apple's iPhone will not be able to attract the attention of consumers, like the 450,000 pre-orders for the next Tesla Model 3 electric cars.

"I do not think people will hurry in stores to buy the iPhone 11. But in Tesla we want to make a production that will please the heart and where people really admire"- Adds Illen Musk.

Let's recall that the recent past, Muss called Apple's "Tesla Cemetery", because the workers who did not work with Tesla were going to work at Apple.

According to various surveys, iPhone users' satisfaction is about 98%. It remains to be seen what it will be for Tesla electric vehicles.

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