Thursday , June 8 2023

The brain may have intestinal bacteria – New Razgrad


In the brain cells of a healthy person, they probably live bacteria. This was made clear at the annual Congress of the Neurological Society in the US where high resolution images were taken with a microscope.

"Thanks to electron microscopy images, scientists have found that in astrocytes – the cells that help neurons, as well as certain neurons, live bacteria that appear in the intestines.

Bacteria have been found in the brain, both healthy and schizophrenic patients. So far, it is not clear what the role of micro-organisms is – positive, negative or neutral, says ABC. The study was conducted by Rosalinda Roberts, Courtney Walker and Charlyn Farmer from the University of Alabama.

The head of the study stressed that there were preliminary findings and that it was possible for the bacteria to be transferred to the samples during tissue preparation for analysis. However, if the findings are confirmed, the discovery can show a close relationship between the microorganisms and the brain.

It is believed that the brain is protected by a blood-brain barrier that blocks substances and cells from other parts of the body.

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