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The President clearly chose Atanas Semof as a constitutional judge


Sophia. There are 29 years since the beginning of the democratic changes in Bulgaria. On November 10, 1989, the Plenum of the Communist Party of Bulgaria voted for the resignation of Todor Zhivkov as Secretary-General.
Todor Zivkov's overthrow of power has developed since the mid-1980s, when his image began to fall. He does not like Michael Gorbachev, who wants his removal.
In Bulgaria the driving force of the overthrow of Todor Zhivkov became the so-called "chavdarci", formed on November 5, 1989 at the initiative of Dobri Dzhurov. The team includes Dobri Dzhurov, Yordan Yotov and Dimitar Stanishev.
The culmination of the events took place between 4-10 November 1989.
The first symbolic act took place at a ceremony for the anniversary of the October Revolution in Georgiy Kirkov's Party in the Party of the Party. Sasarov's Ambassador to the USSR for the first time did not mention in his report the name of the head of state in which he was accredited.
On November 7, at a reception in the Soviet embassy, ​​Dobri Dzhurov, Yordan Yotov and Dimitar Stanishev want a meeting with Zhivkov, which takes place the next day. At the meeting, the three wanted their resignation. Todor Zivkov agreed that it would not be the planned plenary session of the CCP. on 10 November but the next one, the date of which has not yet been determined.
Under the pressure of Soviet Ambassador Sharapov, who appreciates the consensus to be postponed as a mistake, "Chataldars" again wants a meeting with Zhivkov.
At the meeting held on November 9, 1989, Dzurov, Stanishev and Yotov insisted that Tondor Zivkov's resignation would take place at the current and not the next plenary session. Under this pressure, Todor Zhivkov agrees to step down.
At the Politburo meeting held at 5 pm on November 9, Todor Zivkov raised the question of his release from the post of Secretary General of the Party. Against his resignation are announced Milko Ballev and Dimitar Stoyanov.
The resignation of Todor Zhivkov was passed on November 10th. Petar Mladenov was elected to his post.

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