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15 Memorable Edmonton Oilers moments from 2018


EDMONTON – The first half of 2018 was for Edmonton Oilers, for more than a dozen months earlier. The hockey fan for the project is the kind of training camp that lets everyone turn a new leaf.

After the 103 point season in 2016-1720, oil workers put out of the gate in October 2017. They had earned four points before Christmas, with four shifts, and perhaps a ship might have been made. Edmonton hopes to win a few wins in their playoffs.

Something might be there, right?

Yacht players will lose seven of seven matches between 27 December and 9 January, and all sorts of scum that holds the team before the Yuletide season has returned with revenge by pulling the rest of the season completely irrelevant.

But even though it is dark, there is always light. Otherwise, we believe.

So, from some of the most memorable moments since 2018, we have been able to perform some of the Oilers moments – not surprisingly that most of them are from June and later.

1. Sequential 5-0 loss

Edmonton celebrated New Year's Eve – with Winnipeg and L.A. lost on December 31 with the same 5-0 score. In the first match in 2018, Kings struck three times with the same basic penalty.

"It only suffers our lives," said coach Todd McLellan, a league – worst PK.

McDavid's five-point night

Connor McDavid, fourth goal and 6-2 victory in the Gulf of Tampa on February 5 was a helper.

Even the Bolts & # 39; Chris Kunitz joined the soul, joining the soul.

"You hit a net for him," said Kunitz, smiling at her lips. "One day will be a good story to say."

3. Seller market

In the February Trading History, the Oilers Mark Letestu gave Nashville for Pontus Aberg and received only the third round of selection for Pat Maroon and Joey Dudek's prospect.

"I do not like being a dealer, I feel we are excited," said Petri Ciarelli, crying after a while. "It's not a happy time."

4. Salty wound

In early March, the NHL has called for a conference with a player who is on the way to a Hart Trophy season. Her name? (Blaze.) Taylor Hall.

"I always wanted to play in a playoff team, a winning team, a successful team," declared New Jersey Devil. "For some reason, it did not happen in Edmonton."

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5. RNH climbs up

On March 10, McLellan raised Nugent-Hopkins's McDavid's wings, and the supporters of the Oilers wanted to hate each other. 2-1-3 in Makkah 4-1 win with Minnesota.

He will start there this season, but under the new coach, RNH is able to be a reliable 2C in Edmonton.

6. Eject and exit

On the last day of the season, April 6, Henrik and Daniel Sedin played the last NHL match in Edmonton. The Oilers have won a shotout, but locally, a rainbow fan base in the game – Sedins have been remembered for how their team clobber had seen for a decade – the glorious Swedes sent off a true evaluation for off and sent off with long legs and their size. It was a real class of both sides.

7. Who is three meters?

On May 1, Oilers signed the KHL final goalkeeper Mikko Koskinen. He did not play in the NHL for eight seasons and was 30 years old. Oh, and he will pay $ 2.5 million and No-Moving Article has been given.

Today Koskinen numbers are in the top fifth place among NHL starters and have stolen No.1 from Cam Talbot. Who knew?

8. Fire begins

On May 25, the Oilers set up Jay Woodcroft to train Jimmy Johnson and Ian Herbers in auxiliary coaches and to train a farm in Bakerfield. It fell primarily to win the league's most powerful game in 2017-18 and killed the 25th in the penalty shootout.

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9. Chia-out

One day before the NHL draft, we talked to Chiarelli on the phone. We talked about some of the businessmen we did and when we knew the allegations behind them – they were three times in the golf course. There was no place on the card for an explanation.

"Anyway, the golf match is not over yet," warned Xiarelli. "Now I understand how they look or at least some of them look like they are now."

10. I wish success in Dallas

Most defensive player in all CHL, No. It is still mystery because it falls to 10, but as it seems, the Oilers, who did not expect the whole season, could not get enough speed to claim London's Evan Bouchard.

"These people are hard to get in business," thought Chiarelli. "We thought we were preparing a project."

11. Defeat in Brataslava

After all the good free agents, most of the team's rosters were actually identified, on August 14, the Yacht warned that a defender Andrew Sekera exploded in Achilles while on his way to Slovakia. This is after the ACL is overthrown in May 2017.

12. In honor of No Connor

After winning in Winnipeg on October 16, McDavid set a record for the NHL record in each of the team's top 9 goals in the new season. There was a four-point night, but the loss of the new record was not flattering – "Oilers" was a single group.

"What do you know, what is it?" McDavid said. "I am not very proud, and I do not think we should be proud of it."

13. Trade fade

On November 16, Chiarelli sold 3C Ryan Strom for Ryan Spooner ineffective. In the hockey circle, this trade was a sign of a bigger step. A trade that GM would say "Yeah, I tried to help him …".

Other shoes

About four days later – after a double loss – Oilers fired Todd McLellan and employed the seventh Oilers coach Ken Hitchcock of the 11th season. Under Hitchcock, Oilers won 4-2 on that night at San Jose.

"I was nervous," Hitchcock said, "my time was over and I would not be able to stay. I do not think I've seen a third year in the West all year. "

15. Back, finally

On November 3, Detroit won 4-3, and Oilers lifted a playoff position for the first time in 2018. Even though this stops are not long, the first Jew is a card spot with a 6-4 win in Colorado on Dec. 11.

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