Wednesday , February 1 2023

3 deer taken from the rifle test is positive for chronic wasting


North Dakota wildlife officials tested that the three gays taken during the 2018 gun season were positive for chronic wound illness.

Wildlife veteran Charlie Baxnson, State Gaming and Fish Department, said two infected mares were found in the 3F2 unit in North Dakota, north-west of South Dakota, and the other was found in Divide.

Bahnson says the Divide County case is not surprising, since last summer in Saskatchewan, chronic wound disease was detected. Wildlife officials are taking steps to prevent spread in the county.

Since 2009, all 14 positive cases have been taken from the 3F2 unit, covering a portion of the Sioux, Grant, Morton, Hettinger and Adams districts.

Chronic wasting disease is transmitted by contact with the saliva, blood, urine and other fluids or tissues of the infected animal.

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