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& # 39; Disproportionate: & # 39; The famous ski resort has fined $ 2 million to cut damaged trees


KALGARY – The world-renowned Alberta ski resort is asking for $ 2.1 million in compensation for damaging trees five years ago.

Lake Louise Ski Resort, in 2013, skiing along with 38 white pine trees under threat threatened by taking a stand of trees.

According to the law of the Canadian National Parks Act, the penalty imposed last month is about $ 55,000 per tree.

Alain Hepner, a defense lawyer who wrote in his appeal on Friday, wrote "the true facts and background of the crime … where the sentence is highly disproportionate and unreliable."

The court will either have to raise charges or reduce the sentence by $ 200,000.

In a statement agreed to by the fact, in 2013, the crew consisted of six crew members, cleaned the grassland and eliminated some trees at the Ptarmigan Ridge in the center of the ski resort.

The document stated that by the end of that year workers had cut off some trees, such as white meadow pine, without any permission.

On November 30, Judge Heather Lamouruux concluded that whiteberries are "potentially risky to prevent the survival of species in the coming decades".

The judiciary is incredibly disproportionate and can not be proved … actual facts and funds of crime

Noting that the trees were cut off at the national park, it was not possible to ensure that the staff of the resort knew that pine trees were in danger and that all of the destroyed trees were healthy.

It provides five-needle white beds, feeding and habitat for animals, and also helps stabilize subtle subalpine slopes.

The tree is located on the upper floors located west of the west or near the ship. They grow up 100,000 years on the continent and grow between 500 and 1000 years.

However, he said that the judge did not take into account the efforts of the judge to restore the trees he had taken after the tree was cut off, or the absence of the "black pine tree effect on the population."

With 200 million White Naked Trees in Canada, Hepner said that the court judge was wrong to find 38 trees lost and affected all species.

The spokesperson said that steps were taken to avoid cutting down other trees. The event noted that the staff is getting better education and the 7,000 wooden sacks in the recreational area are already mentioned.

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