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& # 39; Outlander & # 39; Recap – Season 4, Episode 8 – Wilmington & # 39;


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Brianna discusses the best and worst days of her life, and both are in the same 24-hour period, this week Outlander.

"Wilmington" is an hour's heartbeat, though Bree's come together with Roger for a short while, and then officially raped by Stephen Bonnet, who was officially a BlackJack Randall A-Hole Award for the Year. Even if you feel about Claire and Jamie's daughter (and the verse, fandom is divided), you probably do not have feelings in the sense that you feel painless after the end of the taxi.

Read the episode of the 50th episode of the series.

Outlander Recap Season 4 Episode 8 - Wilmington CLAIRE and JAMIE VISIT | In 1769 North Carolina, including Roger to everyone – including Fergus! – The drawing of Brianna from Scotland feast, but nobody remembers it. Richard Rankin, of course, has a historically accurate costume (as I said earlier, Terri Dresbach knows his belongings), he seems to wear about 500 costumes and I can think of all FriendsJoey makes this year's Halloween party or my wife Andy Swift.

When Rog goes on to the city, Fergus returns home, Marsa has extra laughter … Because Jamie and Claire have a visit! He himself and himself, Wilmington, to attend the theater show with Gov. Tryon, Fergus, we play with a very cute baby Germain. (Note: When I read the children's names in books, I've always heard "Jermaine" in my head, but I'm saying Jamie "Jermahhhh"). For everyone, even though women are ready to lunch, Claire and Marseille bond do not want anything bad to happen to their children.

DO NOT COMBAT PRINTING, DO NOT KNOW | When Bree asked about Cross Creek crossings, Roger was deeply in despair. When he calls his name, he says, "You!" And he runs away. Their heartbeat lasted for two seconds: "This plan did not exist," and Roger is escorted outside of their growing and heated conversations with lots of conversations. Lizzie sees everyone and keeps watching her, and this strange man has accusations on the streets outside the barrage. They increase their voices. He is opposed to attempts to seize the weapon. It looks like any market for us. But it looks dangerous to Lizzie.

Finally, Bree confesses Roger's love, and he knew that he was talking to his plans and tried to stop the stoning. He draws to a cemetery where he begins to kiss. She goes to her and breeze her dress, stopping the trial because Roger wants to have sex with her. (You do not have to hurry quickly with the answer, Rog: There are many tissue contributors, there's plenty of time to deal with you.)

"We're not busy," he recalls, that the lack of a ring is important for the last time in this situation. Yes, some of the blood in his body is back to his brain. He did not change his mind about all these things. "Yes, everyone will be there," she smiles and agrees to marry. After all, "How can I tell a man who has followed me 200 years later?"

OFFICIAL SERVICE | Roger explicitly promises to each other with the intention of formally forming as quickly as possible day and night and a priest. "Let's do it," he says, and they are both strangely and sweet.

So Roger finds a battery in the warehouse you occupy and knees in front of a burning fireplace. He closes his hands in his hands, then entreats them, and almost enters his tears. When they finish, they kiss a lot, and oh, hey, is it a wedding night?

They both reduce the durability of the garment, the land, the historical aspect, and then take it and return it. "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," she says. Bree raises her shirt so she's naked and takes her to the pallet, which serves as a wedding bed. "Now I'm taking you forever," he says, before the moment of the event. "Yes," he replies, "yes, I ask." But then she did have some fun as expected. Finally, he won, and I'm sure he finished his first trip to Breeze, but still – he just wants to continue. So she begins to kiss her body, and when she goes out of the frame, Bree looks like what she really does. Verra, I do not doubt that someone like Roger has such strict rules about what he or she does or does not want to do, just wanting to do so. But hey, Bree looks happy, so is the mazel hair.

After all is over and after being released, seriously, does not anyone use this flow? Teens did not break once! – Bree Roger explains with great wonder that for the first time he was delighted with each other. "Behavin" is a fair sign of male satisfaction as if you lifted the bone pillar. "She says she is sexually harassed, but she likes it and then turns her down to the south to work her head.When to tell her a hilarious look I can, but all of you enjoyed it,

Outlander Recap Season 4 Episode 8 - Wilmington PLAY THE THING | When Bree and Roger Loch bumped into the Ness Monster, Jamie and Claire set out with the Gov. Tyron and his wife went to the theater. Prior to the start of the game, Tyron presents them to Edmund Fanning, a friend of the colony's record books. Fan is some pain; she explains that her weight remained in the mud and when she went to burn, she did something in her belly. "Thin horny", I'm talking on board. (Hey, Friends Claire teaches me and starts to give advice, but no one wants to hear from a woman about such a thing. According to the doctor, the problem will be solved.

Ms. Tryon pointing to Claire's bed, George and Martha point to Washington, and Claire takes crazy eyes. "You have to love both to meet them," says Tryon. Claire is usually so soft and self-affirming when commenting on how Washington has spent a childbearing in Virginia, Virginia, on "cherry trees cut off". What is the record of a 18th century scratch? Because what happens in reality. "What would a young boy do?" He says. When she and Jamie are alone, Claire fills her with the role that Washington is and plays for the country. It's fangirling. It's sweet.

During the game, Tryon accidentally told Jamie that she hoped to play the role of men in the night. And when Jamie is confused, the governor is planning to block a robbery that carries a taxpayer taxpayer and is a taxpayer in New Bern's camp. What's worse: Tyron knows that Murtagh is a leader.

Outlander Recap Season 4 Episode 8 - Wilmington FRESHER DAYS DAY | Jamie enjoys a while, and then feels a sense of fear from Fan's side. "Forgive me," she says quietly, then she touches the man in the intestines and causes him to shout. "THIS IS NOT GREAT AND GREAT EVERYTHING, DO NOT RECOGNIZE" – JAMIE pleads with meetings and stops the coast. (Okay, he really just said the first part.) When Fan is brought to the lobby, Claire and Jamie know what really is the creeping heckin. Then she calls a needle and rope to work with necrotic inguinal tear (nailed!), And Jamie tries to go to Murtagh too late.

Looking at the public, he works in Claire Fanning. If you get acquainted with books, a similar process is a bit more urgent – but no privacy – at John Running at the Quincy Myers. At one point, Fanning's doctor appears and all the patient's needs are shouting "Smoke behind the tobacco", but Tyron removes him. She says, "She's in the hands of my wife". Claire welcomes the crowds when she sits at Fanning. "Now I see that your spouse can not live with you in the wilderness," says Tyron. And oh see: Jamie's back!

Although he did, he was in contact with Fergus. He was ambushed in time to promise Murta. "Would not my godson come here and worry about telling me?" he asks, old man. Uh-oh …

FOR FISH | In Barn's Love, Roger knows about the fire he's going to kill Jamie and Claire, allowing them to be sexually ill and inadvertently. "I have been telling you today about ungratefulness, or do you know if you know the cloud date or the printer?" Bree is wondering, he begins to understand. He confesses all, but he is less angry. "Did you know that my mother was dead and you did not think I knew it?" He says Fiona's death is even more frustrating when he knows. Bree says, "You wanted to be happy to marry me, because I'll never stop you, Roger," she says. Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have reached this point in the argument that Roger wants to shut up, but it does not do it, and it just makes things worse. This is kind of his specialty. (Also see: BU.)

Roger confirms the suspicion, spitting, "Forgive me for being my wife, maybe it's the time you listened to me." If Roger did not hope that this fierce debate would turn into a battle, Roger put it down. "Maybe I should go back," Roger yells. "Maybe you," he says, does not give a inch. He remembers it after removing Frank, and then it was too late. "Say, I'm just a child!" "Well, what do you know? You still do," he says. (Side Note: I know that I need to see these hotheads from Jamie and Claire antithesis, mainly to solve problems like Roger and Bree, but the man really likes the way to talk to him.)

This is ugly, and Roger says that if he really wants, he will go and he replies, "No one will stop you." She cries a lot and does not come back like clothes and return to the house.

Bree gets a price | Stephen Bonnet plays a card with some men in a table inside and when he goes to the rink of Claire's stolen boat, Bree suddenly recognizes his jewelry. He wants to get it. She asks her to go to the back room to prepare the contract. And then, saying he does not want money for a money, he changes his ringtones, "but maybe he can win it." OH GOD. He tries to get away, but he hits him and forces him to knees.

People in the Taproom continue playing games when they are harassed. We do not see anything – although we can hear all of the innkeepers and inns – later, with a bloody nose and clothes. Bonnet thinks he thinks he's a virgin, and then gives him a ring.

He mixes them suddenly, takes their boots, and then slowly climbs up. It's not a way to even give a second visit to anyone.

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