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6 new Christmas horror films that can now be viewed


At least, Bob Clark's 1974 prototype film returned Black Christmas, horror films and the holiday season have gained a special relationship. It consists of six parts Silent night, Deadly night series, the Christmas horror film for years, was a special treat that came together once or twice a year.

Thanks to the relative commercial and critical success of recent films such as Michael Dougherty Crampus, Chris Peckover's Better Watch Out and anthology A Christmas Horror Storyyuletide horror films are more popular than ever, especially among low-budget films that want to shift to take on some extra, seasonal gowns in the well-known Christmas Genie. At least six new Christmas horror movies are being made at VOD this year, trying to add some fear to the heat and surprise of the season. Take all of us.

2018 war bulletin

Epic Films

Slay Belles

Self consciously exceeds Slay Belles dubstep opens with Christmas music and keeps the face tone unmatched. Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Photo Show) Plays Santa Claus's smuggled biker-friendly version, but spends half an hour in the movie "Adventure Girls" before you shoot the movie. The last one is the YouTube cosplaying YouTubers, a theme park called SantaLand, the project of "urban intelligence."

Eat out, Santa really lives there, but Crampus is like that and girls are forced to associate with a reluctant Santa to catch a holiday feast (for the first time he says, "You curse my shit"). Author and writer SpookyDan Walker uses the humor concept (adventure girls, with their feminine desires, using cufflinks and sparkling nuts to fight Crampus), and with the strikingly powerful living effect. Unfortunately, Bostwick's excitement can not be the rest of the dull symbols.

The most fun death: Crampus reduced by half.

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Elves movie 2018

Pikchure Zero


The perfect time for Christmas is … a redo Blumhouse If there is no truth or courage? Some of the characters in it Elves this movie is as critical as a frightening movie with a better budget. "It looks like this movie If there is no truth or courageOne of the young people who target the death of an elf puppet, except for Snapchat filters, is actually quite similar to the idea that a group of friends cursed in a drunken party game (including a "nasty list") and Elves even copies If there is no truth or courageHe created funny eyes on the characters of the signing's dangerous smiles and the characters of the dangerous game (look at all the elves like "look at one character").

There is a little less fears related to 2017 Elf – it does not make sense to have a high class class project with no apparent relationships and production values ​​(it seems that actors have accidentally hit the camera). The elf himself has a connection to Christmas, but director Jamaal Burden keeps the holiday always in the background, using decorations to deliver elfistic threat messages in a gruesome touch of the movie.

The most fun death: Drowned by Christmas lights.

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Ocular Migraine Products

Ugly Sweater Party

Aaron Mento's problems Ugly Sweater Party There are almost no actual sweaters in this movie that can be summed up by the fact. It has an ugly Christmas sweater that has the soul of a consistent killer, but this so-called "sweater" has a pretty clear cover. Mento has all the skills in the style of Troma, which must be traced to plotting and even the scene scene sequences. The main character Jody (Hunter Johnson) shaved the canvas hair over a dirty toilet, and the film goes out to be better or worse.

Jody and his friend Cliff (Charles Chudabala) are invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party in a distant compound, like a Bible Camp filled with grueling sinners who are not too difficult to repent. Cliff earns a homeless man's win and is soon becoming a monster known as Sweaterface. Mento's humor is usually as strange and unusual as it is, and a charming visual style, with several successful successful jokes ("What Does Sviter Want?" Jody asks, "Blood" is a Christmas horror film with only CGI blood flows, just for solid desires .

The most fun death: Ugly Christmas is made of tentacles made of canvas fibers.

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All creatures were mixed - christmas horror movie

RLJE Films

All living things were mixed up

This is the best Christmas horror movie of the year, All living things were mixed up five story anthology from husband and wife writer-director David Ian McKendry and Rebecca McKendry. So there are such entries; get one A Christmas Carol does not offer anything new, and is a giallo-style reindeer revenge story that will not really go anywhere. The intelligent framework-style, "executing" every segment of a community theater (complementing it with "rudimentary props") is funny but anti-climactic.

But stronger segments work like small holiday sects Twilight ZoneStyle shirts taken by a manipulation master similar to a chestnut in an unusual office party where you encounter a parking lot facing Christmas Eve. The last segment is least horrible and most reminiscent The Twilight Zone, as well as the friend of Constance Wu, who is the only woman who has discovered that every Christmas is spending the kidnapping by foreigners who want only a few holiday companies. Random and inventive and unprecedented, with great performance from Wu, will not appear in casual VOD horror films for a long time.

The most fun death: Shot through the head with a deadly jack-in-the-box.

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Sanctum Film

Christmas Blood

Norwegian slasher's opening card Christmas Blood One of the most productive serial killer of all time, claiming that 121 people were killed for 13 years, the center of the unmanifested serial killer, who had clothes like Santa Claus and three slaughterhouses in each murder. The non-actor is one of the only detectives in the police case, who fled after five years in prison. This operation led a group of girls to a remote northern city, where the lover became the ultimate target of the murder (working from a rogue list like many Christmas villains).

Writer-director Reinert Kiil's film scans Scandinavian crime drama and supernatural horror, Black Sea and Silent night, Deadly night. It even differs from one another Black SeaTogether with the head of a victim who is placed on a snowman (here he recognizes himself as a bad local police), the symbol laughs. Ax-wielding Santa – Police files only call it "Juleblod" or "Christmas Blood" – a dangerous antagonist, but potential victims have irreplaceable heroes and are forced to explain the shaky and darkest scenes of the film often happen. Fortunately, there are some examples of wonderful humor, for example, when police see that the placement of crimes is an example of a Christmas tree on the map.

The most fun death: He dropped Santa into the toy sack and filled it up.

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FunHouse features

Crampus Origins

Two previous, low-budget, Crampus-based horror film creators (2015) Crampus: Management and 2016 Crampus opened) Crampus OriginsIt is an event that claims to be the case of the Christmas demons. Apparently, Crampus was Arizona in 1918, a Catholic child home. One of the support of American soldiers at the Western Front in the First World War comes from a magic book that can be used to summon Crampus, and when the soldiers are killed, mystical artifacts are sent back to a soldier's widow. Be the only teacher in this suspicious orphanage.

A period of drama moving slower than a horrible film, Origins has little violence or endurance and will not change the word "Crampus" by half. Creating a low-budget movie in the past is always a risk, and the filmmakers here mainly sell vintage warlords and build an old car for their era (as well as nearly every person's character). When Crampus finally arrives, he is rarely the same as any actor and does not move his lips while talking to Peter Cullen & # 39; s Optimus Prime. And sometimes, you just have to watch a Crampus movie.

The most fun death: Crampus entered hell.

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