Friday , February 3 2023

British police have suspended an investigation into allegations of sexual exploitation by Prince Andrew Sexual Abuse News


London’s Metropolitan Police will not ‘take any action’ against the king after an investigation into the US case.

British police say they will take no further action against Prince Andrew after investigating the prosecution of Virginia Giuffre, a member of the royal family.

The London Metropolitan Police (MET) have said they will investigate an earlier decision not to investigate allegations against US financier Jeffrey Epstein following Giuffre’s lawsuit against Andrew in the United States.

“This investigation is complete and we are not taking any further action,” Matt said Sunday.

Giuffre is suing Queen Elizabeth II’s second son for alleged sexual assault during adolescence.

Now 38, he claims he was trafficked by Epstein to have sex with Andrew in London when he was 17 and under the age of majority under U.S. law about 20 years ago. Under British law, the age of consent was 16 and remains so.

Andrew, 61, has not been charged and has repeatedly denied the charges against him.

Last week, Andrew’s lawyers were allowed to investigate a confidential agreement signed in 2009 between Epstein and Giuffre.

Andrew has until October 29 to respond to the lawsuit.

Matt also said that his investigation into the allegations made in June on Britain’s Channel 4 News had been completed and that the late Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, a woman and girl trafficker in the UK, had been cared for and raped.

“In June 2021, we also investigated the information provided to us by a media outlet. This investigation has been completed and no further action will be taken,” Matt said.

Maxwell is being held in a New York jail awaiting trial.

The force said it was liaising with other law enforcement agencies leading the investigation into Epstein-related issues.

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