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CEC leader Jagmeet Singh, Montreal campaigns in front of a tough election campaign


NDP leader Jagmeet Singh entered the former territory of the predecessor after leaving for Montreal on Outremont in the run-up to a few federal bureaucracy to be held next year.

Singh chatted in French as he squeezed his hands because he visited NDP candidate Julia Sanchez in local elections.

Riding was released this year by Tom Mulcair, the leader of the previous NDP. In 2007, the election victory demonstrated progress for the NDP in Quebec.

Mulcair went on to win three times as much as he did before taking on politics.

Despite the past success of the NDP in Outremont, it may face a problem after the party's election call.

The results of the last election were frustrated and Sanchez had never participated in any election.

The NDP won the Conservatives in June, winning 8.7 percent of the votes in the NDP's winning in 2011, finishing a far third in the trial on Chicoutimi-Le Fjord.

Singh speaks with a man and a woman at a coffee shop at Outremont Saturday. (Graham Hughes / Canadian Press)

In October, the NDP finished in the far fourth in a selection of liberals, Lac-Saint-Jean.

However, despite these losses, the NDP leader expressed his confidence in Saturday.

"We can not compare election results by general election results," Singh said. "This is not a fair comparison."

Singh is counted on the environmental platform, including earning over Quebecers, promises of green energy jobs and investments.

"The flood and excessive air in Canada, which lost significant lives in the heat wave in Quebec, are more concerned about the work we do to combat climate change," he said.

There is no forecast about the approach

Singh did not offer a prediction about the Outremont election, but the riding admits that symbolically it was the birthplace of the so-called orange wave, which triggered the party, the best of 2011.

But while traveling several times, everyone in Outremont did not recognize the NDP leader because he was standing on a cake shop and a cafe on Saturday.

Several people interested in the subject asked who he was and wondered whether someone was a Canadian defense minister.

However, Singh, when asked about his political priorities, chatted at a French restaurant and admitted himself as familiar with the restaurant customers.

Sanchez closes the problem

Sanchez was also a new political party that served as Executive Director of the International Cooperation Council in Ottawa for the last seven years.

He reiterated the challenge of returning to Montreal and finding a high position in the first political battle.

Singh and Outremont NDP candidate for horse riding Julia Sanchez pass a street during a tour in Montreal. (Graham Hughes / Canadian Press)

"I am starting to break the doors since August and people are really proud of NDP and Thomas Mulcair and the team's work … I want sustainability," he said.

Sanchez Liberal candidate Rachel Bendayan, while declaring the opposition's Jasmine Louras nominee, will meet a lawyer who is second in Mulcair's last election.

Singh was also convinced that Burnaby would win his South American fight for a seat in Colombia.

He moved to the drive and sees "plenty of support" from the people on the ground when camping on issues surrounding those in need and affordable apartments.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Burnaby South, Outremont and York-Simcoe, Ont., Are expected to announce dates for byelections for early New Year's eve.

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