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Drone Arrested for Use – World News


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British police have said two men have been arrested on suspicion of using drones for sabotage in the morning on Saturday morning at Gatwick airport for more than 10,000 passengers.

The Sussex police who did not release the two suspects released on Friday night did not say where the arrests were. Both were not charged.

Police Chief James Collis wanted to be sensitive in Gatwick.

"Our researches continue and our airport activities continue to be a continuum to detect and reduce more intervention than pilots," he said.

Friday's new aerodromes have created a fresh challenge for ferry travelers on Friday, after opening 36 hours a morning, and postponed more than an hour in late hours of just one of the most busy days of the year.

British re-opening, re-closing and re-opening of the second United States Aerodrome Airbase gave a number of questions to British officials due to routine drone sightings. These questions are so safe for the environment, and how long it took to arrest them? .

Flight flight on Friday night in Gatwick caused more delays and cancellations as the holiday season peak. Continental driving crisis in the city of Gatwick, 30 kilometers south of London, has caused waves in the international airways system.

British police and transport officials have said that additional measures have been taken to prevent suicide in the airport, which serves 43 million passengers a year.

Special techniques and military forces have been brought and police units work throughout the day. Police said it was a terrific pilot operation targeting the airport to cause the maximum breakthrough in the daytime break.

The reason for the invasion of the Drone was not clear, but the British police said it was "terrorist".

On Thursday, the Gatwick postponed Tuesday and Thursday afternoon on Thursday, officials said the airplane had been violated several times and threatened the security of the incoming and outgoing airplanes.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said that about 40 flight planes were closed during the closure of the airport on Friday morning. According to the BBC BBC, Gatwick's flight scene was "unprecedented in all parts of the world."

Greyling said that additional "military capabilities" and a number of security measures were implemented overnight, but said he would not give detailed information about it. According to him, although the airline operator or operators were not arrested, the airport was valid for flights on Friday.

Tens of thousands of passengers on Friday were brought to the agenda, so about 110,000 people were planning to pass through Gatwick.

Flight Operations After restarting on Friday, the airport was able to resolve the massive loss of passengers and fight for canceling, delaying or routing flights. The number of passengers expected on Friday was higher than the previous day, and approximately 145 flight flights were made to 837 flights from Gatwick on Friday.

Later, after the flight was postponed, flights and airplanes at the Gatwick airport had to be postponed again.

Airplanes switched on London or sat in the gateways of Gatwick, waiting 70 minutes to learn what would happen on Friday night before getting a new "integrity".

The military measures we prepared at the airport provided the necessary confidence to re-open the airport, "tweeted the airport after the flight was restored.

Hundreds of trapped travelers on the night in Gatwick, closed on Thursday, explained the conditions of ice cream when lying on the benches or airport floor. Many complained about the lack of awareness of routes.

Meanwhile, British officials were discussing whether or not a pilot had been fired by a "tactical choice" because of anxiety that such a move could inadvertently cause damage to the ground.

"Taking a traveler out of the sky is one of the least effective choices," said Sussex Police Assistant Chief Steve Barry.

The police believed that over the past two days there were more pilots operating around Gatwick and that the drones were pretty remote.

December 21, 2018 / 5:53 pm | Story:

Missing Colorado fiancé was arrested on Friday for alleged assassination of his child's mother, and the police said he would die in a mountainous city.

However, authorities refused to inform the 29-year-old Kelsey Berrett's body about the cause of Patrik Michael Frazier's arrest and what caused Berrettin to be killed and killed.

Frazee, 32, was arrested on suspicion of murder and extortion at his home in Alps Florissant. Milrez de Young, the head of the neighboring Woodland Park police, said Berretin.

"Unfortunately, we do not believe that Celsius still lives," said De Young.

Officials are also required to commit a crime if Berretin is murdered or they believe in several other states and other aspects of the investigation that covers the FBI.

Frazee was appointed human rights defender Adam Steigerwald on Friday, but his client did not immediately send a phone caller. Earlier, a private lawyer representing Jeremy Loew, Frazee said he was cooperating with investigators and presented DNA samples.

The police said that Frazen was the last person to see Berretin alive. Couple shared the baby girl, but did not live together. His mother said that financial exchanges delayed them to go somewhere, but they were thrilled to marry her.

The loss of the mysterious family and friends of the young pilot and the departure of public media led him to state where he was.

Berret was last seen at a grocery store next to his house. The observation video, on Thanksgiving Day, toured as a baby girl in the form of a baby carrier. Frazee told the police that afternoon he could pick up the boy.

De Young said the girl was in a detention cell and would be handed over to Berrett's family.

Authorities searched Frazee's shelters and Berreth's family, but refused to say they were found. De Young says the "murder" happened at Berrett's home and his phone was found in Idaho. Studies have tried to get rid of the phone, which is an important tip.

The police said that after the Thanksgiving Day, only Berrete's signs were some text messages, and the location information was offered by November 25, near Gooding, 800 miles (1,290 miles) from his home.

Her mother, Cheryl, lives in Idaho, in northern Laclede, 580 miles north of Gooding, but does not disclose that the police do not have anything to do with this cell phone.

On December 2, police began looking for Kelsey Berreti at her mother's request.

Investigators to Berrettin's home discovered cinnamon rolls and both machines outside the kitchen. De Young said that Berrettin's flight guide, Doss Aviation, was reporting on all of the company's airplanes and that the police had no reason to believe he was using someone else's aircraft.

Cheryl Berret told NBC News that her relationship with her daughter Frazee was good and loving.

According to him, the pair looked at several financial struggles. Siril Berret says that Frazee has a livestock and the industry's price is poor and has delayed plans to find a home together.

"They had plans that they did not like, but they were busy with it, and they did everything they could do," he said.

His mother told CBS that her daughter was waiting for her marriage, but said that the couple did not set the wedding date.

Kelsey Berret "was a little protected and sometimes talked gently", but often when he was a flight trainer in Springs Aviation in 2016, he spoke about Frazee, the company's owner Bobby Hosmer said.

She is awaiting formal accusations and may file a file within 10 days. He said the search and detention during the investigation would be sealed.

Frazee was held without bonds. The judge appointed the next hearing on December 31.

Wisconsin Police Department

Police videos captured the exact moment of gas explosion in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

The video recorded on Thursday shows workers in the region who have fled their lives after the blast has been fired into the blocks.

During the incident, a firefighter was killed and many buildings were destroyed.

According to the officials, the blast occurred as a result of an accident at the underground project. No charges are expected.


December 21, 2018 / 9:39 am | Story:

The death toll from a methane explosion at a coal mine in the north-east of the Czech Republic has risen to 13.

OKD Mining Company spokeswoman Ivo Celechovsky said Poland and Poland were Polish, Polish and two Czech.

More than 10 losers were wounded Thursday afternoon in the KSM mine near the city of Kvina.

Polish President Andrzej Duda declared Sunday national mourning for victims of the tragedy. Polish flags will be reduced to public workers in public buildings and major sports and entertainment events will be canceled.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and his Czech counterpart Andrey Babis expressed their condolences to the victims' families. The two leaders had a cultural visit on Friday.

"According to our knowledge … underground fire, very high temperatures, and subsequent explosions are very high risk," Moravichy said.

The Polish leader visited the two miners injured at the University Hospital in nearby Ostrava. One of them was critical of the burning of more than 50 percent of his body, hospital spokesman Nada Chattova said.

Another miner was released after being treated at Carvina.

"I would like to express my deep sympathy for all the nearest victims of the mining disaster in Karvina," Moravic said. "This is a great tragedy for all Polish and Czechs, and we feel solidarity and national unity on this difficult day."

The explosion occurred at a depth of 800 meters.

OCD executive director Boleslav Kowalczyk said he was continuing despite the mine burnout on Friday when he tried to recover the bodies.

December 21, 2018 / 9:35 am | Story:

The world's only known albino orangutan, nutrition workers, after finding a hunger and drought in an Indonesian village for more than a year in a remote Borneo forest, began eating and eating for food.

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation says that the great monkey, called alba, has appealed for a name since it was rescued in April after millions of years in the world. His name is Latin in "white" and in Spanish means "dawn".

Alba and a restored orangutan, Kika, were freed on Wednesday after a 24-hour trip from the rehab center to the Bukit Raya National Park, on the boat and hiking trail.

The Foundation intends to create a 5 hectare "forest island" for Alba because it is a natural habitat for albino-related health issues, including poor visibility and hearing, skin cancer.

The Government's Natural Resources Protection Agency and other agencies believed that Alba was fit to release wildly because of its strong physical and internal conscience.

A medical team will be monitored electronically and regularly monitored.

Veterinarist Agus Fathoni says: "As Alba had previously imagined, there is no complex of cockroaches and we are very confident about other orangutans."

"I think the real danger comes from human beings, and what we are worried about is that poaching is a very special situation," he told The Associated Press.

The patrols of Alba's new home house are aimed at preventing smugglers by national parks and retention agencies, but they limit the number of staff.

"There is not enough space to cover the whole area of ​​the National Park, but we are confident that we cover all the patrol lines we have built," said Wirasadi Nursubhi,

Borneo, Indonesia divided between Sumatra Island and Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, the red-brown primates, known for uniform temperament and intelligence, are in critical danger.

In 2016, the Wildlife Conservation Union, which declared critical Borneo orangutans, claimed about two-thirds of its number since the early 1970s, causing the agricultural farming to shatter and shatter the forests.

Sumatran orangutan is a separate species and has been critically endangered since 2008.

Alba, at the age of five, was anesthetized for travel to the latest medical examination and buquicrine Bukit Raya.

The workers at the Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Center in Central Kalimantan, Borneo, were taken to a café in the café, shouting "Alba's home."

"True, this is a great gamble, but we hope that with our cooperation we will make a big bet today," said the fund's executive director, Jamartin Sihita Alba, after releasing her from her cage.

December 21, 2018 / 7:43 am | Story:

Norwegian police said on Friday that a remote part of Morocco's Atlas Mountains could be a video claiming Scandinavian university student was killed.

The Norwegian National Penal Institution (NCIS) is exploring images of social media.

"There is no concrete evidence showing that the video is not true," he said.

Four men in Morocco have been detained in the killing of two female tourists from Denmark and Norway, who march on the Atlas Mountains. Moroccan authorities consider crimes a terrorist act. Women's bodies were found on the neck with knife wounds on Monday.

The NCIS, who commented on a video that the four defendants were loyal to the Islamic State Group, said in Norway, "There was nothing special about what was being done in Norway nor what had to be done in Denmark."

Denmark's 24-year-old Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Norway's 28-year-old Maren Ueland were detected. They lived in the southern part of Norway, where they lived in the university.

Moroccan officials said a plane carrying cassettes on Friday dropped off from Casablanca & Denmark.

Norway's NTB news agency said the breakout of Ueland would be made in Norway.

NCIS said it was trying to map women's activities before going to the village of Imlil, often the starting point for the Toubkal Mountain, the highest peak in North Africa. The woman was found 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from the village.

Morocco is generally regarded as safe for tourists, but it has been targeting Islamist extremists throughout the year.

December 21, 2018 / 6:33 am | Story:

Pope Francis pledged that the priests who harassed and harassed children had returned to their homeland and that they would never "cover" the spiritual exploitation of the Catholic Church.

Francis abused his annual Christmas talk to the Vatican bureaucrats, proving that one year was a sexual misconduct and a nonsense of the earth that shook the papacy and led to the Catholic hierarchy.

Francis accused the leaders who were "irresponsible" of refusing to believe in the victims because of the inexperience or jealousy that he did not admit that he did not admit to not seriously treat the problem of the past church. However, he promised that the progress of the church would never "cover" or dismiss the case.

"Obviously, before this abusive community, society will not make any effort to do justice to anyone who has committed such crimes."

Francis called on his victims to thank him for voting for the press and warned against the aggressors: "Convert and deliver to human justice and prepare for divine justice."

Francis' words began in connection with a sex trafficking scandal in Chile and a terrible year for the Catholic Church, and ended with the release of the US hierarchy because public prosecutors began to cover their decades.

Francis called leaders of the Church from all over the world on February 4th for the prevention of corruption abuses. He understood that the problem was more and more global than he understood before he came five years ago.

The demand for Francis to oppose the "human justice" of the aggressors was significant and reflected his previous demands to the former mafia bosses and corrupt politicians.

December 21, 2018 / 5:46 | Story:

Austrian police say two men with gunshot injuries in the center of Vienna.

The tweet of the police on Friday, the Austrian capital, said the investigation was underway, but the details of the incident are not available at this point.

December 21, 2018 / 5:38 am | Story:

The flights were restored at Gatwick airport in London on Friday after causing 36-hour travel chaos, including the closure of the airport, and caused dozens of passengers to be closed or delayed during the strike season.

At the airport, Gatwickin's flight point "already exists and airplanes come.

"However, we expect delays and delays for flights," he said. "If you are traveling from Gatwick today, check your flight status by airline before boarding an airport."

The airlines have also advised customers to check flight status before heading to Gatwick, because numerous cancellations and delays are expected. In the morning, the scheduled flights to Gatwick were canceled by approximately 83 flights.

The prospect of a deadly collision between police in London, the UK's second-largest gatekeeper Gatwick and a police pilot to stop all flights on Thursday. The seas were celebrated for the first time on Tuesday.

The Gatwick statement says officials are likely to see the unmanned aircraft again, and this is likely to be a new way off the runway. Regular investigations were conducted on Thursday and officials decided that any flight operation would be dangerous.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said the airport was about 40 flight drivers when closed. According to the BBC, the flight mistakes in Gatwick were "unprecedented in all parts of the world."

The last confirmed driver's license was at 10 o'clock. Thursday.

December 21, 2018 / 5:15 | Story:

A president who said that his children are torn from their parents, refugees are back, the tear gas has been thrown to asylum seekers and promises to protect the borders of the nation. In a breathless manner in 2018, they were several stories about immigration, one of the most common issues of the year.

Combined with a recent flow of governance memorandums and regulation and application, a bold persecution of the opening of the first year of President Donald Trump's office is a bombing of almost any government in the move.

Trump's champions and immigration violations are a year of campaign time for those who believe that Americans have a better lifestyle. For horror audiences, he was facing other points in the history of the country. The fear of newcomers has led the United States to refuse access to different groups and to prefer certain ethnicity to certain ethnic groups.

"It's the moment of our generation's existence," said Frank Sharry, head of the immigration group's Voice of America. "Will we continue to be a nation that continues to serve the people of different parts of the world in order to make this country better and to say" we will close the door "?"

In 2018, the response was the last one.

While targeting illegal immigrants to the US, trams and deportations continue, the Trump administration tries to redefine what appears to be legal immigration. Because of a job offer or a relationship with a citizen, many who want to come to the country have slowed down or stopped completely and diminished their chances of finding a refugee or asylum seeker. Children's traces of detention and other performance measures in the detention centers, some of whom are unwilling to come here.

Doug Rand, who led Obama before heading to immigration to help people move to the immigration system, said: "This little jeep is rolled into a legal immigration system using every tool of the executive branch."

Year after year, the government's approaching asylum seekers were forced to wait for Mexico to make a major change to their competitors' immediate action. Meanwhile, the likelihood of a government like Trump and the Democrats besieged the finance chiefs to build a wall along Mexico's border.

Even if it did not, its policies had effectively put a virtual wall.

"This is more effective than the border wall," he said. Sara Pierce, political analyst with the non-partisan Migration Policy Institute of the Party.

We even found more applications for H1-B visas from high-level computer programmers, architects, engineers and other professionals with job offers in the US; this means of accelerating the visa process has ended under Trump and suggestions for work permits appear to be infinite desires for employers and immigration advocates to prove the obvious truths about the evidence.

At the same time, it is much more profitable for those professionals to enter the United States.

Trump's first "iteration" initiative, launched in the first week of the presidency, was endorsed by the US Supreme Court in June and has mainly ceased visas for Muslim, Libyan, Iranian, Somali, Syrian and residents. Yemen, as well as North Korea and Venezuela. While giving the opportunity to abandon politics, the initial reports have shown that such applications are indeed endorsed, most of which have effectively closed the door.

Despite the ongoing war, tyranny and famine, the United States began receiving 45,000 refugees for the fiscal year ending September 30, with the lowest ceiling since the State Department started looking at this figure in 1980. this process: approximately 21,000 refugees. This number will be further reduced by the headline of the current fiscal year, which is about 30,000.

At the same time, tens of thousands of people fleeing Central American violence sought refuge in the United States this year. The Trump administration has said that neither escaping network violence nor internal abuse, nor that it can cross the border, has not been fired illegally. Both amendments were blocked by federal courts.

Someone seeking asylum in the United States remains unexpected.

At each turn, there was a change in politics. One proposed rule limits visas or permanent residence to low-income people such as food brands. Hundreds of immigrants in the army were captured or their contracts were abolished, and some were restored later. Some US citizens have targeted Americans with a "stubborn" challenge facing the past.

More than any other change in politics, the Trump administration has shaken the movements of migrant children from their parents. Although Trump is eventually used widely in practice, scarring remains for those affected.

Polling sees that the vast majority of Americans are still important for the identity of the nation as the country's openness to immigrants. But a profound change in government policy in this regard threatens the United States as a land of opportunity for everyone.

December 21, 2018 / 5:14 | Story:

Hökumətin qismən bir şəkildə bağlanmasının qarşısını almaq üçün gecə vaxtı gecikməsinə baxmayaraq, prezident Donald Trump Cümə günü bir bağlanmanın "çox uzun müddət sürükleyeceğini" söyləyib və ABŞ-a olan tələbi ilə heç bir müqavilə olmadığı təqdirdə Konqresin Demokratlarının məsuliyyət daşıyacağını iddia etdi -Mexico sərhəd divar pul.

Yalnız bir həftə əvvəl Trump, sərhəd təhlükəsizliyi adına Respublikaçıları nəzarət edən hökuməti bağlamaq üçün "qürurlu" olacağını söylədi. "Mantı götürəcəyəm, mən onu bağlamaq istərdim" deyə iddia etdi.

Amma gecə yarısından sonrakı müddətə qədər aşağı düşən Trump, müzakirəni təkrarlamağa və Demokratlara sonuncu ilin bayramı ərəfəsində yüz minlərlə federal işçini təhdid edən bir tənəzzülün həllini tapmağa çalışdı.

O, Senatın Respublika lideri üçün kifayət qədər Demokratik səs verməyə çağırdı və bu tədbir, Senatada rədd edilmək üçün demək olar ki, etibarlı olsa da, Ağ Evə ev təklif planını göndərir.

"Senator Mitch McConnell Wall və Sərhəd Təhlükəsizliyi üçün hər hansı bir şey üçün mübarizə etdiyi kimi çətin mübarizə aparmalı, Demokrat səslərə ehtiyac duyacaq, lakin Evdə göstərildiyi kimi yaxşı şeylər olur. Əgər kifayət qədər Dems səs verməsə, Demokrat Söndür!" tweeted.

Eyni zamanda, Trump Demokratların "ehtimal ki, bilə-bilə olsa da, Sərhəd Təhlükəsizliyi və Duvara qarşı səs verəcəyini gözlədiyini söyləyib." Dems səs yoxsa, çox uzun müddət davam edəcək bir kapatma olacaq. Açıq Sərhəd və Cinayət istəmirik! "

Senat, gecə cümə axşamı House Respublikaçılar tərəfindən təsdiqlənmiş bir paketin nəzərdən keçirilməsi üçün sessiyaya çağırılıb. Təqdimat, Meksika ilə sərhədi üçün 5.7 milyard dollar istəyir.

Senatorlar, hökumətin mövcud səviyyələrdə sərhəd təhlükəsizliyi ilə 1,3 milyard dollar həddində saxlamaq üçün həftənin əvvəlində iki tərəfli qanununu keçirdilər, ancaq divar üçün pul yox idi. Hər iki faktura fevralın 8-dək hökumətin maliyyələşdirilməsini genişləndirəcəkdi.

Ağ Ev, Trumpun cümə günü Florida hökumətinin bağlanması vəziyyətində Milad bayramı üçün planlaşdırıldığı kimi səyahət etməyəcəyini söylədi.

Maliyyələşmənin maliyyələşdirilməsindən əvvəl cümə axşamı gecikməsindən əvvəl qərar qəbul edilmədikdə, 800,000-dən çox federal işçi furloughlarla qarşı-qarşıya qalacaq və ya ödəmədən işləmək məcburiyyətində qalacaq.

21 dekabr 2018 / 5:04 | Hekayə:

Çin, iki Çinli vətəndaşın Pekinin əsas kəşfiyyat agentliyi adından Amerika ticarət sirlərini və digər həssas məlumatları oğurlamağı suçladıqdan sonra cümə günü ABŞ-ın təkəbbür və bənzərsiz olduğunu söylədi.

Xarici İşlər Nazirliyinin sözçüsü Hua Chunying, "Çin hökuməti ticarət sirlərini heç bir şəkildə oğurlamaqda heç kimə qatılmadı və ya dəstək vermədi" dedi.

O, öz hegemonyasını müdafiə etmək üçün digər ölkələrin inkişafını pozmaqda ABŞ-ı günahlandırdı.

"ABŞ dünya super güclərindən biridir və bu, təkəbbürlü və bədbəxtdir", – deyə o, müntəzəm mətbuat brifinqində bildirib.

ABŞ Ədliyyə Departamenti, Cümə axşamı Çinli vətəndaşlar Zhu Hua və Zhang Shilong'un dövlət qurumlarına və böyük şirkətlərə qarşı geniş bir kibercinayət kampaniyası yürütdüyü iddiasıyla iddia etdi.

Besides the alleged U.S. infiltration, Zhu and Hua are also accused of breaching computers linked to companies in at least 11 other countries, including Japan, the United Kingdom and India.

More than 90 per cent of Justice Department economic espionage cases over the past seven years involve China, said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and more than two-thirds of trade secrets cases are connected to the country.

"China's state-sponsored actors are the most active perpetrators of economic espionage," FBI Director Chris Wray said in announcing the case. "While we welcome fair competition, we cannot and will not tolerate illegal hacking, stealing or cheating."

Hua, the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, said: "They believe that a lie repeated a thousand times will become the truth, but I want to tell them that a lie is still a lie even after it has been repeated ten thousand times."

In a written statement issued earlier Friday, she said the U.S. was "fabricating facts."

The whereabouts of Zhu and Zhang are unclear. China does not have an extradition treaty with the U.S.

"There is some co-operation under the framework of Interpol, but if the Chinese government doesn't agree with the U.S. charges, there is no way to extradite the accused," said Li Fangping, a Beijing-based criminal lawyer.

Li said that if Zhu and Zhang travel to other countries that have signed treaties with the U.S., they could be detained for possible extradition, as was the case with Chinese tech executive Meng Wanzhou's recent arrest in Canada.

The indictment says the pair worked for the Huaying Haitai Science and Technology Development Company in Tianjin and acted in association with the Chinese Ministry of State Security's bureau in the northeastern port city.

A public company registry says that Huaying Haitai's work includes the development of computer software, consulting and business related to a variety of technical equipment.

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