Tuesday , January 31 2023

Edmonton Oilers vs. St Louis Blues (7pm MST, SNW5


Welcome to friends, Welcome to Hockey Night at GDB Canada, as you build up for tonight's matchup between Edmonton Oilers and Tampa Bay Lightning. It would be great if the last game before the Christmas rally and our boys could go back to the victory column before leaving here.

Oilers have gone anyway to loose the lane mistake and pour everything over while losing these two games while putting together a plan for everything that we had to change, not playing on Tuesday afternoon. As a fan, it's part of the package ranking the problems in your team's universe, and we've arranged most of it within a week. One major issue here is that Ken Hitchcock brings together new lines and helps some kids go. We returned to the middle of the second line of Draisaitl, got a pinch with the Githense Line Lucic & Jesse Puljujarvi took the best chance of winning this season as McNuge was on the right. Since Hitchcock is behind the bench, we did not see the lines completely changed, but after the two ugly games against Vancouver and St. Louis, the blender took a spin.

According to Christmas gifts, when you were stuck in the two stripes, you were hoping for a fresh Pogs under the tree to pick up coal under the tree while Tampa Bay Light played the last game. Surely this would not be an easy game to try and put on the boat, and I would not be a little tension, I would be a liar. Tampa has the ability to score in champions and has the potential for a long night after losing Edmonton's best defender (Sekera count three), and even a break before the factoring comes in less than 12 hours. If the oilers are thinking of buying a home for a few days rather than focusing on this game, we will not have a bad time all of them. Taking into account the injuries and the delays of general special groups, we all need the same page and we'll shoot it on all cylinders.

If yoggers put a touchdown tonight, would anyone really be surprised? Recently, we have seen oilers a little bit of competition, maybe the history of the league, perhaps the best thing to do? Dreamy Thinking? I do not mean that the Yachts know when they first met with Simshak in November, but I still think one person should be allowed to believe in Christmas miracles. Tampa Bay Lightning can give a good break to win against it and it will be a simple gift that every Yager fans can use now. Given this rollercoaster playing this season, I think it will be a perfect gift for both teams teams and fans. However, winning tonight means more for Yachtchildren, probably, Relax and this is the season of giving.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Enjoy the game.

Corsican Numbers (5 x 5)

RNH – McDavid – Puljujarvi
Rieder – Draisaitl – Chiasson
Caggiula – Brodziak – Kassian
Lucic – Spooner – Rattie

Nurse – Larsson
Gravel – Jones
Garrison – Benning


On Thursday, Gregor crossed the line of new lines and power game, and goes without saying that Hitchcock will win a new look. With the disappointing team of two passing games, the Oilers will need a reset and maybe what happens when the new trios engines shooting again. I should not say if it had been some time to earn a few goals from the fourth line, "Oilers" would have been a damn time to start the night.

Chamber – Stamkos – Gourde
Johnson – Point – Kucherov
Killorn – Cirelli – Miller
Erne – Paquette – Callahan

Hedman – Girardi
McDonagh – Cernak
Stralman – Sergachev


Tampa Bay Lightning has 20 or more eight players. According to comparisons, there are three of the oils. I have to say that we always need a Hitchcockian lock, and if we want to remove them from the board, some have answered the prayers by Hockey Gords.

Crude transfer:

Two players in the Gulf of Tampa are Connor McDavid (openly) and Leon Draisait. McDavid has 16 points in the last 10 games, while Draisaitl has 14 points in the same shot. Alex Chiasson became a surprise scoring machine that scored 15 goals this season. Only McDavid and Draisaitl are the third behind it. He also shoots in an absurdity of 31%. But Tampa Gulf has a range of capabilities to reduce its impact. The biggest problem I have ever seen for Edmonton is that they did not stay in the depths of former McDavid (49), Draisaitl (42) and Nugent Hopkins (31). The next closest player has 19 points (Chiasson). Compare eight players with 20 or more points to the Gulf of Tampa and three average players from a point in the game.

If you have an area that can create a problem for Tampa Bay, this is Mikko Koskinen's game. The Oilers netminder has brought together a solid season so far. Its 2.18 has a GAA and 928 savings ratio. It is good to take into account the commander's face. If Koskinen plays up to the level he has recently earned in the Oilers, this game can be really exciting.

Photoshop: Tom Kostuuk

GAME DAY PREDICATION: Despite a brave effort, Yachtchildren simply gain the advantage and fall short and score 4-2.

WOMEN'S GAME DAY PREDICATION: There are fathers waiting to wear Santa suits all year long and waiting for their night tonight. They live your best life.

MULTI-GOOD GAME DAY PREDICATIONRogers Place, which falls on a little night and a Saturday night, hurries the staff to Labatt's beer, which encourages Labatt beer to start drilling. As a result, the continuous flow of extra beer and your 3.26% increase in property taxes.

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Source: NHL, official game page, 12/22/2018 – 11:30 MT

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