Monday , February 6 2023

Edmonton's Police Responds as "Yellow Wizard" Rally, Contra-Attack Is Strong – Edmonton


Edmonton police were forced to quell during a protest in the Alberta Legislature on Saturday morning.

Canadian racist fighting & # 39; yellow wing & # 39; members of the movement and a separate group of legislatures.

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During the protests, the Global News Camera has captured a video of a group of people holding each other and hitting each other and at least two blows.

Edmonton handled the police officers and broke the battle.

After the clash, police officers left the barricade on both sides.

Derek Horneland attends anti-racial rally. Horneland said he was worried about the potential for increased violence against immigrants.

"Since the beginning of the yellow body movement, I have many immigrants who have had death threats here," Horneland said.

"There was a lot of hatred against them, and I think that frustration at work has been misled and turned into a very violent one."

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The Yellow Wing movement has recently held a series of protests in Canada. The reasons for the protests change from opposition to carbon tax and delays in pipeline construction to Canada's signing of the United Nations Migration Pact.

"All the laws, our children and grandchildren have been changed for 150 years to keep me safe and secure – these laws have been changed, and now we are bringing members of the ICES," said a woman who did not want to identify.

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Reporters representing the "Yellow Wing" movement have expressed concern for the crowd, protesters should "go to Trudeau!" He called.

"Our energy allies laugh at us, snow and cold robbery are us [representatives] In the High Courts, elected positions, federal and initially, they will not do anything else by taking an oil paycheki, "said oil and gas worker Mike Wipf.

Similar to the previous Edmonton rallies, there were also people attending jackets with the Odyssey Soldiers. Odin Soldiers is a very right group in Canada.

Conflicts facing Sir Winston Churchill Square last weekend also led to the battle that at least two people were taken to the police and seized the opposing sides.

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