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Elon Muskox is New Yellowknife Mascot


December 23, 2018 by Steve Hanley

In 1998, the head of the Gardens and Green Fields Department in Montreal, Lise Cormier and the Montreal Botanic Garden, met with the idea of ​​an international mosaic. According to Wikipedia, wooden agriculture is a gardening art to create gigantic ballistic sculptures using thousands of years of bedroom plants grown in frameworks that support steel.

A large-scale mosaiculture exhibition was held at the Jacques Cartier Park in Gatineau, Quebec, within the scope of the Canadian 150th anniversary in 2017. In Canada, statues representing 10 provinces and 3 territories, as well as indigenous peoples, were represented.

Elon Muskox

Credit: Yellowknife City / Samantha Adrianne Photography

In 2018, most statues moved to their homes. One of them, which is represented by a muskox, was transported to Yellowknife in the north-western areas of Canada. Muskox was born in both Alaska and Greenland.

Bread and moss fox citrus came in November. The city spent a competition to choose a name. He has received over 240 proposals and received a total of 1,509 votes. Horse CleanTechnicaOur motto is "All the news that is relevant to Tesla, we print." Thus, we are happy to announce the victory with 123 votes – wait for it – Elon Muskox. Other suggestions are included in your personal favorite, Musky McMuskoxface.

Yellowknife Mayor Rebecca Alty says it National Post Elon Muskox will require a regular chair because the grass and moss will grow over time. "It's a giant thing," Alty said. "This is what happens when we happen to be in the south for two years and therefore you will see how Yellowknife will grow up in the summer of next year, and his face will be more mossy at that age." One member of the city's staff has been trained to keep Elon Muskox properly stored.

Mayor Alty said the administration had reached an explanation for Elon Muska, but has not responded so far. "We want to hope here," he says. So, if you read it, give him a call or at least tweet about honoring this signal. Every day someone gets a giant chia pet named for himself.

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