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Fort St. John caused earthquakes fracking: BC Oil and Gas Commission


The B.C. Oil and Gas Commission (OGC), at the end of November, John concluded that an earthquake around the trilogy caused by hydraulic fracking operations.

Twenty-two miles south of the city have been hit by earthquakes on Nov. 29. OGC, Canada Natural Resources Ltd. (CNRL) as a result of fracking operations,

Earthquakes were recorded in 3.4, 4.0 and 4.5.

Fort St. A 4.5-magnitude earthquake struck near John

OGC reports that the CNRL's hydraulic breakdown during the earthquake and the epicenter of earthquakes and the strongest "feelings" and & # 39; H & decided that it was near the wells.

OGC has been conducting a good evaluation of CNRL's integrity and has not reported any problems, he said. After the earthquake the company immediately stopped fracking operations and then cooperated with regulators.

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According to OGC, CNRL has been drilling in the rich Alt-Montney formation when earthquakes occur.

The company was drilled seven previous top Montney wells this year but had not recorded a seismic event of 2.5 magnitude at that time.

According to the company, Montmiti presented a pre-evaluation report for several wells saying, "Seismicity is likely to occur, but 3-point events are not expected."

Fort St. Due to the fracking of John's earthquake, officials: officials

OGC said that fracking operations on the 5-22 wells at CNRL were suspended while technical inspection was in progress, but that other companies in the region could resume operations.

Companies planning to continue their work should submit revised seismic reports.

The regulator also provides geotechnical properties, hydraulic crack designs and a third party view of seismic data for the site's development of catalysts in the well-known geological faults and for improving the assessment caused by seismic hazards.

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