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Friday, the longest night of the year, full of meteors, full of sky


If you're outdoors on Friday night, look at the sky.

Three measures will take place simultaneously, which can also encourage the most dying wing potatoes to diminish a bit.

Clay County physicist Tom Webber said he was the first to go to WJCT's heavenly boy, December 21.

"In the winter, the northern hemisphere moves away from the sun, and in shorter days, we have cold temperatures, and then in the spring we tend to bend toward it: direct sunlight, longer days, 21 December, winter day celebrates the shortest day of the year" he said.

Or if you're the stargazer of a full half-full type of glass, the longest night of the year. Webber brings the event to cool 2:

"It's a full month this year on a winter day, so let's enjoy this long night full of months, which happened last year in 2010, but it will not be repeated until 2094," he said.

If a full moon is not cool enough on the longest night of the year, why not take a meteor shower?

"Normally, we have seen many people with this meteor shower – this is not a beautiful meteor shower, but it's predicted that this year will be released, so we'll have a few tens."

But the full moon has a double-edged sword. "So the sky will be very bright and it will be difficult to see the meteorites.

But for the tested nation, the Ursid meteor shower peak around midnight.

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