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High Blood Pressure Symptoms: Check for signs of 60-year-old hypertension


High pressure is a common condition that put stress on the blood vessels and vital organs.

The diagnosis of the condition, also known as hypertension, is urgent because it increases the risk of some fatal complications, including heart disease and stroke.

However, making some minor diet or lifestyle changes can help reduce your chances of developing high blood pressure.

When you call Lloyds Pharmacy, you must get a fresh blood pressure at the age of 60.

Hypertension is most common among people over 60, said Lloyds Pharmacy.

It is a good idea to talk to a doctor with a pharmacist to check your blood pressure when you hit 60.

Although slightly higher pressure, early diagnosis can help patients begin a new lifestyle change.

Lloyds Pharmacy pharmacist Francesa Brenca, Lloyds Pharmacy chief of department: "Of course, it is natural that people do not want any help from a health worker.

"It is important for some people to be silent, such as lack of understanding, high blood pressure, or blood sugar, so they should be more active in helping people to live a healthier life.

Pharmacy added: "Most people with high blood pressure are more than 60 years old.

"LloydsPharmacy's data supports approximately three quarters of the patients [72 per cent] He is over 60 years old.

"The NHS offers you to start a little earlier and check for normal pressure if you are over 40."

All adults over the age of 40 should check their blood pressure at least every five years, the NHS said.

Ask a physician or some pharmacist for checking your blood pressure.

Controlling your risk of hypertension is the only way to know if you have a problem.

However, if there is extremely high blood pressure, it may indicate some signs of symptoms and symptoms.

Common high-pressure syndrome is chest pain, severe headaches and nasal bouts.

Those with high blood pressure may have a hypertensive crisis – blood pressure suddenly increases to 180 / 120mmHg.

Hypertensive crisis is medical pressure because it can damage blood vessels and organs.

Symptoms include seizures and inaccuracies. Immediately call 999 if you think you have a hypertensive crisis.

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