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His family, the former gymnast, was forced to amputate his hand and leg after a mysteriously developing toxic shock syndrome, praying for the 30-year-old "Christmas miracle"


A 30-year-old woman is "lucky to be alive" after developing toxic shock syndrome.

Anna Norquist, Indiana, USA, attended a concert before she was ill. But after coming home he was so bad he could not get his head up.

    Anna spent many surgeries after contracting with TSS


Anna spent many surgeries after contracting with TSS

She closed her body for several hours.

While being taken to the hospital, a stroke infection developed in her blood circulation.

Often, infection has not developed from a buffer, as with TSS. So far, he had more than 10 scheduled operations.

"We got a miracle that he survived," said Patrick Norquist, a local WNDU 16 station.

    Anna is very ill at the hospital


Anna is very ill at the hospital

According to the doctor, doctors say that he should not live. Doctors say it's a threat to the life of each operation.

"I would give my two arms and both legs in my hand."

Patrick, who wrote yesterday in Facebook, added: "He is intended for amputation of his left arm tomorrow, praying down the elbow.

"Unfortunately, the doctor said he would not be able to survive on his right leg and that's why his right leg was scheduled for amputation on Monday.

"It's a pain, but it's being controlled for mbottom part. Anna last night, my nurse and my younger brother, Jimmy Norquist, pushed him around the YBU. He was fun. Lol. "

    Anna's family released her in the hospital


Anna's family released her in the hospital

He continued: "You need a miracle on the weekend, please pray for her right leg, but the surgery is good and tomorrow's amputation is at the bottom of the elbow.

"Oh, I can close my boxes and my legs and you can give it to Christmas, but I'll agree to my life, pray for me to get rid of these surgeries and thank you for everything I've done for my family so far."

Gordon Fox, 59, tells his father that he was infected with Fox 59: "He was in Chicago on Friday December 14, went to a concert, stayed on Saturday, and drove his house on Sunday.

"They do not know and probably will not know exactly where the infection is – they think they are right, so they took it first."

What is toxic shock syndrome?

TSS is caused by staphylococcal or streptococcal bacteria.

These bacteria normally live naturally on the skin, nose or mouth, but when they are deeper into the body, they can release toxin-damaging toxins and stop their organs.

The following are the risk of TSS development:

  • Use of buffers – especially if you are abandoned or recommended to use "super absorbent" buffers
  • use of female barrier contraceptives
  • A break in your skin, such as a fracture or a burn
  • birth
  • uses nasal packaging for the treatment of a bleeding
  • has a staphylococcal infection such as impetigo or cellulite or streptococcal infection

When he collected money for a prosthesis on a GoFundMe page, the family said, "He is brave and beautiful [and] in a crisis.

"Despite everything, he is still alive, but still very, very ill.

"He had surgery on both arms and both legs.

"He is starting from top to bottom, at best, many operations and many amputations will change, but when we meet, we, his family, will do our best".

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