Wednesday , February 1 2023

How to download all of your Instagram photos


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Instagram and WhatsApp are the reasons why this consensus last week that you share with Facebook and other Amazon companies on Facebook has been overwhelmingly deleted by Facebook and other applications owned by the company (perhaps not for the first time).

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If you're using Instagram, you've already begun seeing your friends sending collages …

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By deleting your Instagram, your photos go with it. That is, if you do not get them back at first.

Uploading Instagram photos and creating backups is usually a good idea, and you do not even think of leaving the platform. If you think of leaving, this is something you definitely want to do. Here's how:

First, launch the Instagram app on your phone, and then tap the profile button at the bottom right of the page. From here, tap the Menu button at the top right of the screen (three lines gathered on top of each other) and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu (far below).

You'll see a list for "Download Data" to the center of the next menu. Select and then click on "Ask for your request".

Uploading will not take place immediately. Instead, Instagram will send you an email when the pictures are officially loaded and will have a link to capture them. The process can last for 48 hours, so be sure to hold the belt and wait.

After you've supported everything, you can freely delete your account without thinking of losing your favorite pic.

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