Tuesday , January 31 2023

Hundreds of trucks are rolled through Alberta, Sask. with pipeline conveyors


By Saturday, slowly through the Alberta and Saskatchewan truck convoys continued to demonstrate support for the sick oil and gas sector in Canada.

The Medical Practice Police estimate that Hat, Alta., Has started on a Trans-Canadian road in the east of the city and has been involved in an ongoing convoy to scales around about 650 vehicles and dispersed.

A similar incident in Estevan, Sask, brought about 450 trucks.

Truck convoys started in Alberta last weekend. An incident on Wednesday brought more than a thousand vehicles to the Nisku in southern Edmonton.

Jerry Sabine, one of the organizers of the Medical Transmission convention, says trucks slowly slow down to show people how desperate the oil deposit is.

Saskatchewan's Prime Minister Scott Moe said the people in West Canadian province support the incident in Estevan, saying the Trudeau government is feeding on the energy sector.

"How powerful a message has been sent today from the truck rally in Estonia," Moe said. "Your SK government stands with you to support this critical industry."

Another major rally in Calgary since Monday has targeted federal actions that critics say would make the building pipelines even more difficult. Among them Bill C-69, the National Energy Council and Bill C-48, which hinders oil tanker traffic on the north coast of Britain.

The supporters of the convoys on Saturday closed the streets in both cities. Most of the signs he had made were for the construction of the pipeline, ending carbon taxes, and the defeat of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Several signs were also opposed by the United Nations.

Jay Riedel, one of the co-organizers of the Estevan convention, said he was convinced that the United States had given the immigration policy to Canada outside its borders with concern over the Canadian migration pact.

"We definitely need immigrants coming to Canada, but we also have to work for them and for them," Riedel said.

"If we do not work for these people or our whole social system will fail".

The Medicine Line and Estevan Police in Medicine have praised the behavior of convoy drivers.

"Highly appreciate the patience of the people in front of the truck's convoy and assess the professionalism of those involved," says a police report from the police in Estevan, Pol Ladouceur.

More convoys are planned, including going to Ottawa in February. Sabine said some of the cargoes involved in the Medical Xat convoy passed through the province to support the incident.

Sabina said, "We put a couple of days ago and really shouted at us.

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