Wednesday , February 8 2023

Karlsson announced his hit


San Jose Sharks defender Eric Karlsson There is a hearing on the NHL Management NHL Department on Sunday after a leaked check to the advanced management of the Los Angeles King Austin Wagner During the game on Saturday.

The incident took place in the second period when Karlsson hit a large blow to Wagner near the central ice. Karlsson was in contact with Wagner on his shoulder but was called to the penalty spot. Wagner struggled to return to the podium after the game and was forced to leave the game.

Los Angeles continued to win 3-2 thanks to a game Ilya Kovalchuk most of the time.

28-year-old Karlsson has two goals and 24 assists with 37 goals in his first season with Sharks after his first 9 years with the Ottawa Senators during his first season. Ottawa sold for Swedish native San Jose with a multi-player contract in mid-September.

The winner of Norris Trophy twice in the last year of the 7-year contract worth $ 45.5 million will be released on July 1 if no longer.

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