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Kate Middleton: Queen Elizabeth criticized Cambridge Duchess for this shocking reason


Kate Middleton was a part of the British royal family, as he was conferred upon William's prince in 2011. Now three king children, Prince George, five people – one day will be the King – Princess Charlotte, three and Prince Louis, seven months. The Duchess of Cambridge has created numerous royal images these days and appears to be in good shape with the 92 year old Queen Elizabeth II. However, a royal expert once claimed to have less regrets with Kate.

Kate and William began in 2001 after a meeting with students at the St. Andrew University in Scotland.

The couple was somewhere for several years after finally having decided to deal with them.

Kate Middleton's first Royal Royal Treaty was held in 2010 and when visiting a Teenage Cancer Safety Organization in Williamsburg, Norfolk.

However, in the years prior to this celebration, the Queen criticized Kate in particular.

She thought she was not enough at the conversation with Kate William.

Phil Dampier, who has been on the royal family for more than 20 years, says: "Kate was eighty-nine or nine years old, and she married a wedding.

"There was indeed a very busy stage.

"The Queen once said that Kate did not do much, so I think the Royal family is a pretty long one."

Dampier thinks that William Kate's mother, Princess Diana, did not pay much attention.

Diana was acclaimed by the press in a popular way, and did not want the Prince Kate's life to be broken in such a way.

Dampier said: "William was very protective of his mother and always has been there since then.

"He just does what he wants and is comfortable and is not put under much pressure and under his supervision, his family is the number one advantage."

Prince William and Kate seem to be very popular these days, but in 2005, the interview with heist is not always certain that he will always come with Duchess.

Prince Charles and Prince Harry asked William to leave Kate and the corridor on a skiing trip during a skiing trip.

In response, Williams said, "No, I do not think so."

According to Katie Nicholl's 2011 "Royal Romance Visits", William has once dropped out of any offer to marry his long-term girlfriend.

In an interview with a 22-year-old, William responded to a question about marriage: "Look, I am only 22 years old for God, and I'm too old to marry in my age, and I do not want to marry at least 28 or 30 years."

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