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Mars has an 82-kilometer ice crater and frozen throughout the year – National


You can find enough space on Mars and a place where skaters can be enviable everywhere: 82 km long ice cruisers are frozen throughout the year.

15 years after the launch of the Korolev crater in 2003, the European Space Agency (ESA) seized the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC), which joined the Mars Express mission.

Coverage of Mars on

Kseron is located in the northern province of the planet, covering the northern polar valve of Mars, on the slopes of the dunes on the south and the ESA.

There are 1,8 kilometers of ice piles in the center of the crater.

And there are things that are known as "cold traps".

Prospects of the Corolev crater on Mars.


The "cold trap" is a phenomenon that moves on the ice, cools down, then collapses, and finally forms a layer of frozen water on it.

This layer of cold air helps maintain the stability of the ice and protects against heat and vapor.

This image shows the topography of the Corolev crater on Mars.


Corolev Crater It is the first human space in space for the Vostok program by Sergei Korolev, a Soviet scientist working on missions such as Sputnik, who sent the first artificial satellites around the Earth, or spacecraft Cosmic Yuri Gagarin.

But this is not the first footage to capture the Corolev crater.

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As part of the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, ESA first snapped the crater with a color and stereo surface imaging system (CaSSIS).

The Corolev Crater holds 2,209 cubic miles of ice, which is found in the Big Beaches of the Northwestern Region, The Guardian said.

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