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Memorable memories of 16 Vancouver Canucks from 2018


In 2018, officially, we look at the best, worst and most memorable moments of the year for every Canadian NHL team.

We will give Vancouver Canucks today.

1. Green road

Coach Travis Green made a Q & A with Sportsnet on 11 February. After the fall of 7-18-2, 2017-18, Canucks announced that the aim of the organization would not be "to play meaningful games".

Green gave a pretty good summary of his training ideals.

"We want to push and improve," he said. "I want to try to become a team next year, and we should try to be a team that will win." We used to say, "If you or you are on the road, I'm with you when you go in. players who have to go.

"You just do not expect that you will be able to accommodate a group of young people in just a few, and we will all have the same game as I like all the young people we come to." That is true, some young people do not want to do that, and we are convinced that what we do. "

2. Do not come home without a meeting

Jim Benning, rarely, rarely, as on February 26, GM has not been able to bring commercial lease Thomas Vanek into a draft in recent days. Benning had sent a second-class prospect to Tyler Motte and Jussi Jokinen for Columbus, although there were no suggestions for 34-year-olds in four teams in four years.

Benning was criticized in the press and dropped out of public media because Vanek did not refuse to win a single election. After one season, 23-year-old Motte turned into an ordinary lineup for Green, who believes it is sufficient to earn a moderate role in the development of the fourth liner.

3. The project is back

On February 28, the NHL presented a 2019 entry entry to Canucks. Vancouver, 1990 and 2006 talent lottery sites celebrate the 50th NHL season 2019-20.

4. Opens the rear for Boeser and Canucks

Winger Brock Boeser's beautiful season ended on March 5th, when the New York City player, Cal Clutterbuck, stepped into the door of the gymnasium, and when his lower bone suffered a broken bone, he suddenly ended:

For a season with many lows for Canucks, this was one of the worst. In 1991 after Boel's first NHL season was over 62 games, 29 goals and 55 children, after the 1991 excitement of the West Coast more than any tea-house after Pavel Bure.

"It was very difficult, especially for my game, and I do not want to miss any match, but I have to look at it on the other side, and I'm very lucky because this injury could end my career," said Boeser Sportsnet in his first interview a month after his injury. "

Boeing started a full-fledged training until July when recovering from a broken bone in the vertebra with L4 vertebra and long-term wound injury and was followed by others when the training camp was opened in September.

5 A magical end to Sedinaria

Yanukovych and Henrik Sedin announced that they would retire after the Canucks' last three games after their January report of what they want to play in a season at the Vancouver, 37-year-old twins.

It revealed an emotion speed between players and fans and would do with the most memorable history of the last week of the season. Henrik founded Daniel Daniel Coyotes to win a lot of time on April 5th.

Two nights later, in a game under Humboldt's Broncos tragedy, Sedins finished his 18-year career with Canucks in Edmanton. Here they were proud of Jehovah's players and admirers.

In an incredible way, Henrik postponed to earn a rumor from Daniel, but hit a semi-open network kidnapped by Edmonton defender Chris Russell. Daniel won the The Oilers 3-2 in a shootout scoring and Henrik missi.

Like the Nile players, Sedins's last skate embraced the children they returned to the bench. There he was invited by the coach Green to watch his ancestors in their invitations. In the locker room, Sedins transferred his player to Derek Dorsett's comradeship and retired in November after returning to the team and never saw a game to say goodbye.

"It was when I was forced to follow McDavid at the fourth quarter (Connor) in the fourth quarter," Daniel said. "It's a fast league now, and I think we can still play, but it's time for young children to get it."

6. Another losing ticket

NHL's project-lottery system recaptured Canucks on 28 April, as Vancouver dropped out of the sixth part of the project. In fact, I felt like a triumph because the franchise was punched for the previous two lotteries for the second and third.

7. Another called Canut Quinn

Canucks finally succeeded in launching the entry project on June 22nd. Michigan Defender Quinn Hughesin's Dynamic University fell into a grave gun number 7. Canucks is not a fleet defender who has been abused and has been playing for more than 48 years in the NHL.

"While growing up in Toronto, hockey they spoke on the radio and in most cases were negative," Hughes told Sportsnet. "But my dream was to play in the hockey market, and there was no better place than in Vancouver, and I know how passionate the city is and how hungry it is for a championship, I am very excited."

8. Free agent nudity

After eight happy days to a glimpse of a positive project, the Canuck Nation team, like Beacle, 33, Roussel, 28, Jay Beagle, Antoine Roussel and Tim Schaller, re-exploded like Krakatoa when signing free agency contracts. There are four-year, $ 12 million (USD) contracts that hurt many people in hockey.

"This is a market," Benning said. "We have signed these young players to support our young players, and we do not stand on their way, and we're ready for skill and we're going to be able to score, and we just want to make sure that the rest of the band is full of guys who add them to our team, and you know what they can do every night."

9. Emperor was abandoned

Canucks & # 39; s most striking moment of the year by sending a press release on July 25, the head of hockey operations, Trevor Linden and franchise, "compromised."

But the owner tweeted Francesco Aquilini: "Everyone needs to be united behind the same vision and lay in the same direction." Linden's shocking return for four years was far from being friendly when it became a promising remedy.

Linden and the Aquilini family opposed ideology. But Jim Ben's denied it The Sun of Toronto he and his associate GM John Weisbrod said they had assassinated property with Linden.

Benning told Sportsnet: "I had a good relationship with Trevor, he put me in a position of GM and extended my resistance, thanking Trevor, and if people think I'm something to leave, that's wrong.

"I did not know what to do with Trevor and property, and I did not have a place to ask, I have never joined politics, and I have enough time to find a defender able to play our strength."

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10. Season as last season

Canucks completed his 1-6 pre-season defeat at Arizona's 4-1 on September 27. 30-10 ahead, and none of the prospects of none other than the Swedish phenomenon Elias Pettersson boosted the NHL to play.

"It is impossible to stand on this issue," said Bo Horvat. "These games are not counted now and we have to play the important ones."

I'm not captain

Canucks announced on October 2 that the team would go without captain for 2018-19. Horvat, the fifth yearly successor to Henrik Sedin's captain, "A"

12. Look, it's just season

Surprisingly everyone, including Calgary Flames, opened on October 3, winning an effective 5-2. Vancouver teams Pettersson, 19, Motte, 23, Nikolai Goldobin, 22, Brendan Leipzig, 24 and Jake Virtanen, 22

Pettersson, who at the start of the 19-year-old NHL, shot a rocket at the bottom of the bar before he shot, was the goal of everyone's failure.

"I'm so happy, I'm in a dark," he said. "It did not seem to be true at first, it was an incredible feeling, a feeling I'll never forget."

13. For Pete's love

The headquarters of Pettersson fans were shocked when the Panthers defender Michael Matheson was exposed to a fire in Florida by the ice on October 13:

Canuck Nation exploded in anger – most of them headed to his team to attack Matheson.

But Canucks did not see that Pettersson was injured in the third game and coach Travis Green Vancouver's instructed them to pay attention to the game he won 3-2 to complete a rare Sunshine State vacuum cleaner.

After two days of criticism and public debate, Green begins a post-practical press conference in Pittsburgh, begins with a team and culture seeking a four-minute disclosure of the events in Florida.

Winger Roussel said: "It takes a week to move, but when you lose the playoffs, you lose like all of them, because you're stupid, because you're foolish, so be careful what's happening, this is a 3-2 game. It's time to go.

"If you think your teammates do not play for you, you do not play team tennis, you play tennis, ping pong, golf, but when you play in team sports you believe that children will be able to get back 99 percent of their time, no one sees them, and sometimes no one is blamed ".

Pettersson missed six games, but he scored 5 goals in his first five games and is still named the NHL champion of October.

14. Good start, bad injuries

Connecting center Brandon Sutter turned to the sixth Canucks in October after falling out on the boards in front of Minnesota and leaving the shoulder, causing considerable damage to the opening month. Most key players are: Boeser (poorer) and Sven Baertschi, top defender Alexander Edler (knee), Beagle and backup goalie Anders Nilsson (finger) control center.

15. Pettersson, 2 Ts, 2 Ss and 5 points

The remaining part of Hockey was found in one of the most entertaining games when he did not know about Pettersson, when he scored two goals and scored five points when he scored 7-6 against Colorado's cries on November 2. Over the years Rogers Arena. Linemate Boeser had two goals and two assists.

But Boeser also heavily injured the groin and left the array for the second time. On 10 November, Canuck's injuries reached the critical masses and teams began to rank 1-10-2 in the standings.

16. Presentation of the Future

Boeser won the 6-1 victory against St Louis Blues in the second NHL line game on December 9, which was damaged on December 9. Pettersson added a goal and four assistants to celebrate a five-point game in the first season since Alex Mogilny in 1995-96. Pettersson's 26th NHL game.

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