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Merson: If Fenerbahce won Manchester City, everything was over


Published date: Monday, 24 December 2018 9:09

Paul Merson believes Liverpool will sign up for Premier League title on January 3 while playing at Manchester City.

Fenerbahce will face "Newcastle" and "Arsenal" – Pep Guardiola men play against Leicester and Southampton.

The Reds, who beat the Wolves on Friday night, find four points in the second place Crystal Palace won 3-2 at Etihad Stadium Saturday.

And Merson If we think that Fenerbahce ended with the holiday season, the city would endanger the early January 3th.

Mersson, "Manchester City with Leicester, a great game and four points behind Fenerbahce is a must-have match for the city, which is in trouble." He said.

"If Fenerbahce won the city with a weekly victory, it has already come to an end.

"So this is a great game for the city and can create difficulties like Leicester

"But I think they are forced to win, but Saturday's result was overwhelming, and Man City lost the last 3 league games.

"It never seemed like I'd ever lose it before, but I see this one just to win Liverpool's coat tail."

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