Sunday , May 28 2023

More than 804 dengue cases were reported last week


NEW DELHI: With 804 new dengue cases reported in the national capital last week, the total number of patients suffering from vector illness this year has surprised 4,205, according to the latest report published by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) .

However, the total number of cases reported last November to November was 7,358.

The SDMC report also said that 20 new cases of malaria were reported last week, with a total incidence of 847 cases per year.

According to the report, mosquito reproduction has been reported in nearly 2.21 lakh households in the national capital this year until November 3.

Data released Monday by SDMC, on behalf of the three companies, struggling with the growing number of cases of diseases communicated with a carrier.

By region, the number of reproduction cases reported was 69,287 in the Northern Delhi Municipal Enterprise, 60,421 in Delhi County Delhi in East Delhi and 91,611 in SDMC.

According to the report, all three companies have issued 1,77,174 legal notices to various households and institutions after mosquito-parenting conditions found in their homes or facilities.

At least 25,211 persecutions have been issued after replication, according to the report.

Meanwhile, municipal health officials said most reproductive activity was detected in waste that remained open.

Home breeding mosquitoes is one of the main reasons for people who are infecting these diseases, they said.

Concerned about sporadic reports of diseases communicated with a body, civilian organizations had previously given advice on the prevention and control of disease transmitted by a carrier and called for prevention of breeding at source.

It also made it clear that taking preventive measures is the only effective tool for preventing and controlling these diseases.

A senior SDMC official said the civilian organization has been campaigning to spread awareness among people to prevent water from stagnating in their environment.

Dengue and chikungunya are caused by the bite of Aedes agypti mosquito bred in clean water, while female Anopheles mosquito causes malaria and can be reproduced in fresh and muddy water.

In one of the worst hotspots, a total of 12,221 chikungunya cases were reported in Delhi in 2016 to 24 December, of which 9,749 were confirmed.

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