Tuesday , January 31 2023

NFL player George Kittle evaluates what is needed to adjust WWE, criticizing Brock Lesnar, who only fights three times, is well-known for the TLC 2018 Incident


– NBC Sports has recently talked to NFL 49ers player and the ending with George Kittle, his WWE fandom and discussions on the TLC 2018. He also criticized Brock Lesnar for being a champion who only fought three times. Below are some points.

Promises WWE's views on their problems: The audience said this week by WWE, "I think the script is a bit mixed up now." They said they wanted to fix it, and I believe them. I can not wait to see what I'm doing. Your Dean Ambrose has returned and his conflict with Seth Rollins is very good. "

Kittle in his favorite matches: "One of my favorite things is that when I see children flying 24-7, Ladders are like games, and I love it when it's a second time, and everyone starts pushing, fighting, fighting, fighting, ringing, The next guy looks like the six boys' rotation. "

Kittle, who watches TLC 2018, is: "It was pretty epic, and it was cool, it was one of the most fun times to watch a game because they killed him, and they did something better than anything else, definitely the best moment I've ever seen."

Kittle, why he likes his Honor: "There are some things that make me accelerate, and there are guys who make up 25 minutes on the Honorary Summit, but only because they feel like 5 minutes, because there's so much to be said," Oh my goodness.

Brock Lesnar's Criticism: "I hate every week when there is no wrestling champion, Brock Lesnar's wrestling can be three times a year, I think it's hard to watch fans, because you're not really a champion when you are wrestling, a championship game, and that really makes me excited."

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