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Off, up and away: Ottawa closed new contracts for extra time for astronauts


Is an astronaut at the International Space Station (ISP) relaxing one day, going 400 miles above the ground?

The new space explorer of Canada, David Saint-Jacques, has donated this Christmas holiday – and if he has any guide in the past, he will be reading, film, telephony, and watch over the Earth.

Christmas, Saint-Jacques is one of 11 holidays, included in the list of new labor contracts for astronauts confirmed by the Liberal Cabinet five days before the explosion at the opening ceremony in Baikonur, Kazakhstan on December 3.

Russia's Saint-Jacques, Oleg Kononenko and US Anne McClain's Soyuz MS-11 space station set off on December 3 at the International Space Station (ISS), which began at the Baikonur cosmodrome. (Shamil Jumatov / Reuters)

One copy of the agreement, obtained by CBC News, has significantly diminished since 2009 for the Canadian astronaut corps.

In addition to those working in high-risk or difficult environments such as the space station, the cabinet added a new Aerospace Premium, an additional eight per cent salary.

There is a new "casual expense" section that pays astronauts up to $ 3,000 for any cosmic flight-related pocket charges.

Other developments

Other improvements cover the relocation allowance of $ 6,500 (instead of the action is not possible for cosmic station), enriched vacations and payment for professional development.

The new percy increases the amount of the latest wage, which came into effect on April 1, 2017.

Saint-Jacques's salary is in the 2nd class – in the middle of the three astronaut classes – between $ 134,300 and $ 160,900. He will skip the 3rd degree ($ 160,900 – US $ 189,600) – the highest – after completing the mission of the space station in June.

Although not part of this new segment, the Canadian cosmonaut contract covers all travel costs, including accommodation and food, to enable an astronaut family to participate in a launch.

We remember a lifetime.– Head of government Julie Payette, former ISP astronaut

Saint Jacques's wife and three children were sent to Baikonur to watch the start of the Soyuz capsule from the Russian government. Ottawa will also go to the opening area in mid-June.

The Canadian government also receives a $ 1.5 million life insurance policy to cover the time spent on a space station in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement, Saint-Jacques.

On the down side, the contract does not pay any extra time to astronauts, which is not less than 37.5 hours a week.

Article 3.1 of the document reads, "Considering the nature of the work, such as the astronaut, the working hours are illegal, and job requirements often result in long hours of work."

58 crew members – Serena Auñon-Chancellor, David Saint-Jacques, Alexander Gerst, Oleg Kononenko, Anne McClain and Sergey Prokopyev – are gathering for a portrait at the International Space Station. Saint-Jacques has bought Christmas and New Year's holidays. (NASA)

"An Astronaut plan and business plan change should be adapted to the changes in a short or not-informed manner to fulfill work requirements."

The contract includes 11 paid holidays, including Christmas.

Audrey Barbier, the space astronaut agency, is one of the astronauts 'official employers who contract the astronauts' space station.

Collective mixed

Barbier said in an email that "they get the actual day they are on board and are discussed monthly before they usually have a collective mix of member states of the ISP crew.

"For example, David did not celebrate Christmas, but Christmas, and he is going to take the New Year and Russian holidays on Feb. 25. Operation planning tries to honor all national holiday holidays on board."

What do some astronauts do on the ISP? (It's not easy to make a trip).

Now Governor of Canada Julie Payette transforms equipment at the International Space Station on 31 May 1999. According to him, many astronauts spent most of their days watching the Earth from the window. (AP Photo / NASA TV)

Former astronaut, Major-General Julie Payette, who visited two international divorce points, said, "You can read a book when you have free time."

"You can watch a movie on your computer, watch a related program, use your phone to call and chat with your family.

"But most of us, almost to the window, are looking at the magnificent spectacle on our feet – we're taking pictures and remembering for a lifetime."

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