Wednesday , February 1 2023

On The WWE TLC With Ronda Rousey Nuke Jax & On Asuka's Help At In-Ring Chemistry


Ronda Rousey shared a Q & A interview on the YouTube channel (Transcripts via Wrestling Inc.) and spoke to Asuka in TLC, helping Nia Jax with her chemistry and more …

It is now where his confrontation with Nia Jax: "I did not see Niya for TLC, and I know it was a pretty rough day. [Laughs] I think you took a little time to quote. He was in a hood fight and he went well, so he could at any time. The issue has been resolved. I do not know if he does not. I have no problem with him unless he agrees with me. "

Why does Jaxi like the opponent?: "Nia is a very strong opponent compared to me, but I have come from Judo, and it is to overcome the maximum efficiency and minimal effort, neutral well-being, dimensional disadvantages, and against the opponent's strength I think it's against me and my superiority it's a really exciting match with the power that he can use, and I really can use all the power I can to do, and I feel like Nia is a really great game for me. There are some things I know I can not do with him, and that's why it's always a great opportunity to get into his cheek as I personally feel. "

To assist Asuka in the WWE TLC match with Charlotte and Becky: "I have a lot of respect for Asuka, and I always have it, and I really did not want to rain on her parade at Royal Rumble." I just wanted to go out and congratulate her, and I would like to bring more attention to my incredible memory. but in both the TLC, both Charlotte and Becky are very tricky, and they have come in. I do not have to explain my actions to anyone, and Payback b – and Askua are more worthy of them than champions. he never lost, because he did not have to leave the match, he is the best and now he is the champion. "

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