Monday , February 6 2023

OnePlus 6T view of the promo video "jaw"


The magazines they are taking pictures of the celebrities always do it; There were no stains in the theme to make it more attractive, and they might look like brush or Photoshop. It seems that this is something done with smartphones. The video is one of the tops of the article, OnePlus and OnePlus 6T. YouTube and Instagram.

As noted by Android Police, in the 43 second note, the video shows a boy on the couch playing Fortnite on OnePlus 6T. However, I'm sure OnePlus has made a serious phone call. The lower jaw was removed and the tear hook was no longer around the camera and black on both sides.

What does this prove? Well, manufacturers like OnePlus think that consumers need outside screens (and many). Also, smartphone buyers still need to be careful about what they see on advertising and promotional videos. Before you buy a phone, you can only see it personally.

See video in top of this article. Then, comparing a video to a realistic photo, OnePlus 6T really resembles it. You can find these pictures on the slides below.

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