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People with schizophrenia are different from their bodies


Washington: People with schizophrenia have anxiety over their bodies that they have found a job other than those who did not suffer from illness.

Researchers at the University of Vanderbilt in the United States have compared schizophrenia-related individuals to control attendants and asked each of them to fill the "body map" in a way that physically feels sensual.

They use computerized coloring to find places where feelings are felt, such as anger or depression.

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The results were radically different between the groups, the control group showed different maps for 13 different emotions, showing specific patterns of increased arousal and energy reduction for each sensation.

However, in people with schizophrenia, there is a general decline in body feelings among all emotions.

In the study, it was found that schizophrenic individuals did not differentiate between body sensitivity and different feelings. This can create problems in identifying, accepting, and interpreting emotions and understanding others' emotions.

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Research, Doctor of Law at the University of Vanderbilt, Lenie J Torregrossa, will give a chance to move forward to develop ways to help those with schizophrenia process emotions.

"The main outcome of this research is how well it is that people with schizophrenia can interact with others," Torregrossa said.

"What we can do now is to help them to connect with physiological emotions from their bodies and use them to emotions."

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