Wednesday , February 1 2023

PlayStation first surprised PS5?



We know that both Sony and Microsoft work on the next generation of gene systems, but have not officially found anything yet and have been particularly squeezed about the likelihood of the PS5.

Some PlayStation fans think Sony has denied the PS5 for the first time.

Last week, Sony Interactive Entertainment sent a free PS4 theme to a large number of PlayStation users.

"We wanted to thank the PlayStation community for the glorious honor of 2018," wrote Sony. "We started new flights together, fought heroic battles, and the world lost, and the power of the game is something that brings us together."

What is a free PS4 theme for PS5? Yes, for some, there is an issue that says that bullying is hidden.

Discovered by Mike Peterson on Twitter, the discovery is different from the "Holidays" and "S" on the PlayStation. More specifically, although your past looks like S, the latter is not like all S 5.

Is this a tease for PS5? I dont know. Peterson is absolutely correct in his observation: this is not the 5th PlayStation. If PS5 is not, is this something else? Some have emphasized that the PS4 is the fifth holiday season, but this is not true, in fact this is the 6th. So, this simple explanation goes out of the window. And this is another explanation that is actually given. In other words, it really looks like the first shock of PS5 and a very subtle thing.

No matter, hopefully 2019, I hope the PS5 is more ironic and rumors and reports, but some concrete information. However, by 2020, a potential release system can not emerge next year. Due to all this PS4 appeared and shipped in the same year.

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