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Quick Changes: Maple Leafs & # 39; 6 best defense lending options


The quick combination of what we collect from the hockey week is serious and less, and broadens the four lines.

1. If Kyle Dubas does not see enough earnings in the end of February, Maple Leafs explores an upgrade on defense before passing the trade history, and has head cover for it.

Right-wing, young, defending defenders, possibly superior targets (Vancouver's Kris Tanev or Carolina Brett Pesce's Stable Idea), clean lease D-man makes it easier and more affordable to trade February 25.

Dubas admitted that it was not particularly hailed by the lease market in 2019, probably the most attractive UFA defender now belongs to the team. Erik Karlsson? Anton Stralman? Zdeno Chara? Tyler Myers? Good luck.

But for a quick look at the best bet for Dubas, find out Michal Kempnyi based on the current playoffs:

Alex Edler, 32, VancouverDubas has already used the commercial route for Vancouver (Josh Leivo), and although Ed's has a non-trade item, he can always write it if he likes it. None of the potential buyers have access to Edler's minutes (22:33), adjusts production (0.61 points per game) or uses his experience – yes, the factors that make it clear that he is a faded one.

Jay Bouwmeester, 34, St. LouisA Team Canadian alum is the pitch where the Bouwmeester game is once, but with the national team's coach Mike Babcock, it's a win-win situation and that means something (see John Tavares, Patrick Marleau). Can she refuse trade protection to quit healthy trade to bless Miss University?

Niklas Kronwall, 37, DetroitBabcock reminded Zach Hyman on Thursday night that he does not have enough "heavy" skater. Staying at Kronwall goes out of the way and does not give other luxury rentals. Yes, he has been in the last days, but like Bouwmeester, with a Toronto coach, and is still more than 18 minutes a day. It captures a revised trade item and lists 10 approved teams.

Nick Jensen, 28, Detroit: We do not believe they want to join with the minute muncher that started with the killing of the Red Wings, but when we hit the age of 30, Dubas would have been wise to give Ken to the Netherlands a ring.

I'm Lovejoy, 34, New JerseyThe devil's minus-23 goal difference is worst in the East (thanks to games for Toronto) and yet the Lovejoy team is leading with a plus-1 rating. He will not attack directly, but the Leafs are good there. A veteran who defends some accuracy and wants to eat.

Marc Methot, 33, DallasToronto: When Metropolitan Tribunals gave their rights, Methot was interested in recovering, but as reported, there was nothing to do with it. According to the method, the injury varies after the injury season if Stars – Under pressure, should not be photographed within the next two months?

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2. Roberto Luongo has already been injured in this season. Health issues restricted him to 35 games in the low season of the 82-match NHL Schedule last season. His contract does not end by 2020. It will be 43.

In actual dollar, the contract will drop significantly from $ 6,714 million earned annually by the year 2017-18. In 2019-20, his salary reached $ 1.618 million before falling below $ 1 million in the past two years.

Did he really think that this contract would end?

Luongo said on Thursday, "Yes, I have signed it.

Even with the back diving facility?

"You said you guys, I did not say anything, my intention was to play as much as possible, and I did not give him any numbers, and I told him I was going to retire at a certain age, and I'll be playing in my favorite time."

Luongo believes he can still perform at a high level. In another play-off game, when he scores another trophy, he does not have his place in the winning list of all time (see Ed Belfour, No. 3).

I believe in him.

Still, I asked Marian Hossa and Henrik Zetterberg to see the ending path – from the Fame Calibra players' hall, signing similar contracts, but failing to finish – I asked him how it changed his contract.

"Yes, it's hard, I'll lie, it's not that easy, and there's a lot to do when you stay there," Luongo replied.

"Recovery is not too fast, you have to do a lot of work to make sure you are ready to play the next night, and I understand what's going on, I'm feeling every single day, I'm ready to do everything I can to keep going and see how much I play . "

The difference between Luongo and Hossa / Zetterberg goes beyond the existence of Twitter: One of them still needs a ring.

3. Running over 12 more seasons like the Rocket Richard Trophy, which is the eighth, as the unfaithful animal / human Alex Ovechkin, I offer a humble recommendation in this race.

The seven best grantees did not take much more than David Pastrnak in Boston. And 16.2% do not have a less shooting rate than Maksane. (OVIe is 21.6%).

Because these things tend to make some time, and Patrice Bergeron, the founder of the pastry, is no exception to the fact that the 22-year-old trophy later boosted after Christmas.

Pastrnak does not think Rocket will win, even if it insists on it.

"To be honest, at least, nice." I love the ball, it's fun, "Pastrnak said.

"I do not like the arm because of some races or something, this is a game I'm doing, it's a payment for me, I just love the score and I hope I'll continue."

4. Is the Christmas Eve very early to get Lady Byng Trophy?

Florida boss Alexander Barkov has spent half of the game on ice but has not yet imposed a penalty, despite having hit the toughest line. In addition, he is the younger one than anyone else

"Great stat, is not it?" Said coach Bob Boughner.

Be sure to. But how is it possible?

Boughner says Barkov has the longest known hockey concept. Ever since the pucks were not on the wrong side, head coach Barkov is always amazed at watching the number of games that have taken place.

0 We asked a few presidents on Thursday to explain PIM phenomenon.

Luongo: "He is the best two-player player in the game, the bar is down, smart, especially his age. [23]As you already have a two-sided player, you will no longer see the NHL too quickly to reach this level. We all have what we have in Barkin's dressing room. We all love him. "

Jonathan Huberdeau, linemate: "He's in the league, most of the league, he is fastest than the other guy, so he's always playing, not for reaching himself, he's strong and just shows his work ethic."

Auston Matthews, 2 PIM: "It's not too personal, like me, but it's physically stronger, and it's always good, it's a good thing. when you are punished, you are in a bad condition or are tired of throwing out the ropes, riding a boy, or screaming a boy. "

5. Barkov crossed the ice range between Connor McDavid and Mark Scheifele (23:02) along with the lack of depth in the center of his career with Vincent Trocheck for a long time.

Boughner MVP, who won on Tuesday in Buffalo, just allowed "20:51" to play.

"This is a light night for him," said Boughner, bothered by these nights, as well as a special team, with 30 flirts.

"It's not the best thing for us, but there are some games that are especially intense or very busy without Trocheck these days, or there are many penalties, which are the ones that make it." Boughner explains.

Trotsky, after carrying out an operation to recover a bad fracture, leaving 20-30 percent of his weight on his foot. There is no timetable for his return. (Good news: Nick Bjugstad could play tonight in Detroit.)

Luongo, despite the burden of his work, is a collection of Barkov's dedication and sports guarantees from Jaromir Jagr.

Luongo says, "It can play 60 minutes in the age of 30". "Therefore, we apologize for not knowing it's right."

6. Bryan McCabe, known for his point-of-sale production in Toronto, serves as a player in the state of Florida.

He released a ceremony discovery last Saturday before the Leafs-Panthers game in Sunrise.

When Mr Babcock asked about Caber, his face was lit up.

In the final season of McCabe, the WHL Spokane team and the first team from Babcock would play the bone from the best defender. In 1994-95, McCabe Babcock's 14 games, 53 points and 115 penalties were played in 42 games.

"I played it a lot, it fell on the bench." & # 39;Ohhhh!Babcock laughs. "There was not much to look at in those days, probably with the right moisture, probably because they did not eat it right.

"Caber has always shown true love to hockey, he has a good driver, went and loved to play …. It is a good organization."

7. Beautiful gestures by Victor Hedman, one of the most beautiful children in the sport. Think of being one of these gifted children …

8. Flyers are undefeated since trainer Dave Hakstol and young Carter Hart trained, beaten Thursday night in Nashville.

But I did not watch the moment I loved Hart's mother is crying like a good son.

Scott Hartnell, recently retired, was a lucky, ridiculous, joyful departure.

First, we've shot a video of Gritty. Only one mascot, in a cage Tommy Hawk. Seeing Gritty and Hartnell in the same room, they had a rumor.

Later, Flyers found a fun job in Hartnell's position, with only a magnificent mounting …

… and video clips from teammates Kimmo Timonen and Jaromir Jagr:

But, unfortunately, Hartsy's ceremony played as a scene Goon 3. Before leaving the gap between his wife, Roman Josi and Claude Giroux, Hartnell threw wooden coins.

"When I put it down, it costs $ 100 for everyone who has won, let's put some intensity," Hartnell told reporters. "G is one of the best on the face, and Roman was a defender, so he knew something would happen to him."

9. Blackhawks dropped out Dylan Strom's No. 2 behind the Jonathan Toews & dropped out of the Toews & # 39; s # 1 (# 9) role in a perfect world when GM Stan Bowman, Arizona, has undertaken.

Strock has played five times in his first 11 games with Chicago, and has played nearly twice the production clip on the final days of the field.

(It should belong to Max Dome, Anthony Duclair and now Strome, good Coyotes fans with a scene change).

But Chicago still loses games. Already on Strome's wing and close friend, Alex DeBrincat has been abandoned. That's why he burned OHL in Erie.

Is teens akin to chemistry?

"Amazing, Stromer has just helped him out?" Said Leafs defender Travis Dermott, a talent-hording, an NHL product from the Otters clubs.

"Probably the best pair I've ever seen in a team, close-minded, lots of fun together, and the amount of FaceTimes they've done after Strom's?" They do not know if they're out of FaceTime. "

Although Strom is the 21st, we are amazed to see that the 2015 draft bust is timely pre-timed – may cause the next wave of Chicago. Dermott will fix it.

"Some kids need to work a bit longer," Dermott said. "There is no doubt that this will be a prestigious player in the league."

10. Patrick Marleau saw something above 1,610 in the league, but it was necessary to watch and re-examine him and watch the gymnastic bit of Andrei Vasilevsky, the thief thrown on Tampa.

The veteran recalls the recurrence of what he intentionally desires as a definite goal?

"Probably a good couple of times, it's pretty crazy, I do not know, it's straight on line, he drops his foot down and takes it out." Marleau said again after incredible days that you can try it out as soon as possible and do not forget .

"The keeper had a night."

11. Though Hockey party in Canada For Florida, Maple Leafs may have done a better job to promote a moms journey, and the club is definitely not the first to switch to a host.

"It was a great success, and the team did a great job, putting it together," said Ron Hainsey. "Undoubtedly, I differ from parents."

How would Ron be?

"There are many differences, and I will not be able to come in and face the problem."

Non-player members of the organization were even brought to friends.

Babcock describes them as Babcock, "It's important to understand that we're trying to look better for their children's children." It was an opportunity to say to our players thanks to all that they did with their mothers.

"These fathers are completely different from here, but this is a great experience loud experience. There are many noise, no questions. They spend a great deal of time. It warms your heart to be honest with you, just to look at mutual relationships. There is a lot of love there. There are many conversations, lots of laughter, and lots of fun. And that's a great thing. "

And, yes, the Leafs suit clicks Bonnie Marner tape.

"All the guys who will close it will not really go to Twitter like Hainsey and Twitter [Gardiner], "Matthews smiled.

"You are looking at him, he likes to dance, so you can only take a video about dancing in the mood of his mother, and I think he and all my mothers have a great time."

12. Some serious questions like a homer question are: Can Maple Leafs send four players to the 2019 NHL All-Star Game?

It can be claimed to be worth five of the spaces: Auston Matthews, John Tavares, Mitch Marner, Morgan Rielly and Frederick Andersen. The point is that the NHL needs all eight groups of the Atlantic division, and after each transition to the 3 to 3 format, each section reaches 11 delegates.

The five mathematicians will not add, and this is to limit the star to a player who believes Yulduz is not the best team in the league.

Tampa's record last season was recorded by five players: Steven Stamkos, Nikita Kucherov, Andrey Vasilevsky, Viktor Hedman and last minute injury, Brother Point Cooper (coaches).

In 2016, host Nashville has prepared four times: Pekka Rinne, James Neal, Roman Josi, and Shea Weber.

Since the new tourney format, it has been asked to send more than three skates from the city with no city.

Whether it is fair or not, one or two or three Leaf will be snubbed.

I think Andersen will be kidnapped. Maybe there are Tavares.

It is not difficult to see why NHL, Matthews, and Mercenaries, Marner and Rielly (just defensive leader leader) fly with San Jose and do not want to sell the future but Buffalo (Jack Eichel, Jeff Skinner) and Tampa (Point, Stamkos, Kucherov, Hedman, Vasilevsky) There are also many candidates.

Tough puzzle.

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