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Raf Simons and Calvin Klein: News and reviews behind the back


NEW YORK, United States – Shelf Simons comes out Calvin Klein his first creative career as the first two years, and eight months before the end of his contract. The brand will not give a show on a runway in February.

The designer comes after Calvin Klein's stats – as artistic director of women haute couture, Dior's clothing and accessories collections could only resonate in the industry. His speech, Calvin Klein, was widely anticipated after his parents PVH Corp. Chief Executive Officer Emanuel Chirico last month criticized the unequal financial performance of the brand and enjoyed the "high fashion" direction under Simons.

"Both parties decided that Calvin Klein Inc. decided to convince the parties after Simons had differentiated from the vision of a new brand," the company said. The Simons representative refused to comment.

Simon's appointment was very proud in 2016. The Belgian designer is also known for his religious linen clothing brand Jil Sander and Dior was called a multi-million dollar salary and the other creator officer, who had no control over all aspects of marketing and design for American megaband, Dior.

From the very beginning, the high-end conceptual fashion designer was a risky move known to consumers for self-denying, lingerie and provocative marketing for the brand. However, PVH management saw competitive businesses Ralph Lauren stagnant for lack of creative innovation, and the Europeans resemble it Gucci after radical creative repairs.

Simons and Calvin Klein have made a halo effect for low-cost products, but also hoped to make the label's high-end garment business transformed from a marketing expense into a commercial powerhouse, namely 205W39NYC.

But before Simons's career, Simons had no experience with his personal aesthetics and multinational, multi-story brands with more control over the design and more mass marketing. The first ad campaign for a ready-to-wear collection was mixed. It was shot by a long time worker Willy Vanderperre, arty and bloody; The brand is far from the very well-known sex-related minimalism.

However, there were many industry definitions for Simons' cat shows. Only in the first season, the doors that sell 205W39NYC range from 30 to 300. In addition, Simons seemed committed to turning his designs into massive sales, meeting with Macy's managers and bringing the Kardashian family to work for underwear and denim ads.

In early March, PVC was committed to partnership, while Chirico "convinced" that it would bring the 205W39NYC brand to another line. However, because the Simons' buzz has not turned into a consistent increase in revenue, PVH's patience began to be exquisite in 2018.

In September, Simons' conception of a runway congress that requires off-site (new cats on the basis of company headquarters) was taken out of the budget restrictions. Later, according to many sources, PVH has expressed concern about the extensive productivity of Calvin Klein's Andy Warhol Foundation.

And PVH, which owns Tommy Hilfiger, Left its sales forecasts in the last quarter. Chirico urged last month's 205W39NYC garment collection failure and said Calvin Klein's latest denim collection "lost his fashion", adding that the brand's revenues rose by 2 percent to $ 963 million in the third quarter. PVH shares declined by 35 percent this year.

"We will cut off some of the planned investments in the 205 collection business and we're moving, we will [be taking] this is a more commercial approach to the important business, "Chirico said, after explaining PVV's financial results in November, adding that Calvin Klein would guide the marketing campaigns to a higher-level and more targeted targeted product.

In recent months, the company has begun to recapture Simons' responsibilities, as the Oréal veteran Marie Gulen-Merle told Calvin Klein, as the new chief marketing officer, not Simon, but the brand's CEO, Steve Schiffman.

Simons won multiple awards American Fashion Designers Board Calvin Klein and his absence will be sharp in her New York Fashion Week, where she was one of the few designers who could handle the true international attention.

"Raf has brought a unique look to American fashion and CFDA wishes him success in the future," said CFDA Executive Director Steven Kolb. "Calvin Klein is the iconic American brand that will continue to grow in a new creative way."


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