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Rapper Drake shares the emotional tribute to the young blower who died


November 5, 18 | Entertainment News

"You will miss too much … you know how much I loved you and I was looking forward to seeing you."

Canadian rapper Drake shared an emotional tribute to Instagram after a young adventurer who met through the Make-a-Wish Foundation died.

Drake admitted that he "regrets" that he lost a text from the fan, named Kay, about the artist's birthday, but that he "was looking forward to seeing it after the tour was completed.

By publishing a photo of the two along with Kay's bedside, Drake said: "You will miss a lot … I do not know why I'm writing this (Instagram), I just have to get it out because it sits heavy on my heart."

Drake said: "We met Make-A-Wish and we created a real bond, you would have text and you would tell me when I was on the tour and say good things and share your dreams and goals.

"I cry in this picture, but it was tears of joy because we just prayed for you with your father … You will remember forever K!"

The rapper recently visited another young fan in the hospital.

Sophie Sanchez, 11, met with Drake in Chicago the day he discovered he would get a life-saving heart transplant.

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