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Renewal: The death of a young man in the north-east of the city has never been seen as a suspect


On May 23, 2018, at Queen Elizabeth School in Edmonton, a police officer and emergency crew at the back of the 9425 132 court, was found dead.

David Bloom / / Postmedia

The body of a bombed young man was discovered on Sunday in Edmonton's northeast, and detectives were killed for the investigation, but since that day there is no doubt about his death.

Medical researchers believe that they are exposed to a dead man in a southern part of the Queen Elizabeth School.

The man's body was discovered on Sunday at 10am. Police issued a statement saying that the conditions for the death of a man were suspected.

The police found a large part of the school south 9425 132 Ave., football field and tennis courts. The researchers took the stage pictures.

However, after 12:45. On Sunday, Staff Sgt. Paul Czerwonka, the police, said that after the investigation by the treatment, the death of a man is not questioned.

He believed that the killers were likely exposed to the medical examination. Temperature at night to -12 degrees.

Czerwonka said that an autopsy would be made to determine the cause of death.

The police said they did not recognize people on Sunday afternoon. His age was not released.

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