Monday , February 6 2023

Revealed for Decu Jump Force; The first review of Asta's game


Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for Jump Force. It only puts the nickname of Izuku Midori – Deku, and we look at Asta's first look.

Decu comes from Myo Academia series. He is performing the Delaware Smash and Delaware Detroit Smash against the Dragon Ball Z's Perfect Cell.

Asta represents the Black Clover series. Like Deku, Hulya is fighting. This is the victim of the Cellu Black Hurricane and Black Meteorite technique.

The layout of the characters continues to be even more effective. Deco and Asta Dragon Ball Z's Goku, Vegeta and Frieza, One Piece with Monkeys D. Luffy and Naruto series, Black Beard, Naruto and Sasuke and many others.

Jump Force will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 15 February 2019.

Asta and Decu Night Strength image # 1

Asta and Decu Night Strength image # 2

Asta & Decu Brute force image # 3

Asta and Decu Strengthening the image image # 4

Asta and Decu Force image # 5

Asta & Decu Brute Power image # 6

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