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Roger and Brianna fall into exemplary slander, flawless fierce outlander


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"Wilmington" stresses – the most terrible ways –OutlanderContinuous Brianna problem. The show, using Brianna's self and Roger's parallel Claire and Jamie, is exactly the opposite of some of them, and did not imagine how evading a growing, unknown and offensive dynamics. Outlander Brianna and Roger are in a romantic relationship and then come out with a force that lashes down. And it would probably have worked if it seemed to be the point of their story, but that was not.

In bringing Roger and Brianna's past, Outlander He is more interested in showing more people the things that are really important and checking more boxes than allowing them to act as dynamic and compelling players in the ever-expanding sprawling narrative. This is most a combination of Roger and Brianna's hero, a fledgling hero. Writers first forgot the argument that broke Roger and Briana, because Brianna forgot her. All you need to do is see Roger once to change your mind about sex before a whole marriage. We have not seen anything to believe that Brianna is ready to marry, and the idea that he will act with his romantic gesture to travel on time is a character that does not fit what we have learned. Or maybe. The real problem is that Brianna's personality and motivation change dramatically.

So Roger and Brianna are in bed, and Outlander this time draws on itself, and the coupled couple marriage ceremony stretches out to their bodies and creates an intimate style chemistry to create an angle romance. They become generous lovers of the bed, and they also delight in madness. But post-coital, things off-kilter. Brianna turns into a virginal personality similar to romantic tales in which women are worried about sleeping with sexually explicit men (which is more interesting Outlander sex-converted, and Claire turned sexually-directed mentor to Jamie's new status).

Later Outlander in the beginning of the episode, Brianna repeats the same pattern in two ways, repeating or re-indicating that they are not convincing enough to swiftly change the idea of ​​marrying Roger. Roger wants the concept of Brianna, and at any time he shows any kind of agency, he freaks out. It was the same when he asked for her first marriage. He accidentally found out that his parents were alive and did not warn him. He is trying to defend his actions by saying that he decides not to change his past, but whose life and who will die, but even knows that he is a weak argument that cancels freedom of choice. When he wants to be happy about his personal interests, he takes him to the police immediately.

Roger has a wrapped idea, which means love, and if you can probably swallow it more easily Outlander more explicitly clarified. Instead, Outlander they want to put roots on the rostrum, but in terms of recurring and emotionally insulting dynamics, Brianna also presents a puppet in Roger's fantasy. She leaves her for the same reasons as before, and the sex and romance that originated in the episode really feels more free and free than character development.

Then Brianna punished him for his actions. Maybe this is not a message Outlander but the rest of Brianna's arc is playing in this episode and suggests a strange tone of punishment. Shortly after Roger left, Brianna gets acquainted with Stephen Bonnet, who robbed Jamie and Claire during the season's premiere. If she sees her mother wearing a wedding band, she asks him to buy it, and drags her to a room and hits her. Outlander he has told stories about sexual harassment, but here he is involved in a very disturbing area, and when it comes to rape, there are many television shows that are often used as a plotter.

Finally, this aggression scene adds a story and even needs to be said? Stefan Bonnet has already been identified as a villain. When he confronted Brianna for the first time, he reiterated his threats and his capture. We also know that the threat of aggression exists in the creation of the show; In the past, Claire's is a leak in many mutual relationships with men. Director Jennifer Getzinger finds a way to avoid at least what's happening, instead of focusing on the ambivalence of many men and women who are on the other side of the door and who hear Brianna's screams, but even chooses to do something appears ineffective. A very offensive brutal way to say, "Yep is a dangerous place in the past."

And Outlander it is not necessary to romanticize the past, but here's the problem: already in many other ways! The show is actually selective about how slavery or the indigenous people are treated in colonial America. This illustrates the severity of a number of historical events that Claire and Jamie frequently burn romanticism. The show is often fantasy and is part of this charm. Not that the show should strongly involve the introduction of sexually explicitly as a way of perceiving women to work for the past. The series, after harming his own experiences, was a thought-provoking character with Jamie, but still contradicts his tone and coverage with some dark stories.

When I wrote these reviews, I did not often discuss books and have never read them and always wrote them as an independent work, but I felt that this aggression comes from the source of the scene, and it really is. However, sufficient justification is not enough. The source of adaptation can go beyond the material and be obedient and it is difficult to understand where the purpose of the aggression is, in particular, that writers are nothing more than Brianna's character. He sacrificed an unprepared sacrifice for his trip, but only before he came here. Moreover, the combination of Stephen Bonnet's horrible actions serves to make Roger look better and worried about it.

Although Brianna and Roger are at the same time and relative to Claire and Jamie, their paths are not yet passed. Instead, Roger passed through other ways with Fergus shortly OutlanderIt is a lot of luck. Jamie and Claire are going to the theater to watch a game with a judge class where George and Martha met Washington, dealing with less frustrating plotline though relatively lightweight, and Jamie finally may be a choice at this point in history that can be neutral. In order to summon the Murtha, Critics' plan, he creates a provocation to send a message to Varane to temporarily commit to the Devil's commitment. Meanwhile, Claire performs an emergency hernia surgery with so much Claire.

In any case, the developments of Jamie and Claire are, unfortunately, technically the episode's heavier and more emotionally driven reels, Roger and Brianna's rear seats, but on the one hand, the narrative. Their worlds need to be more excited to fight, but Roger and Brianna seem to be in a completely different show, but it is difficult to stay behind.

Bad tracks

  • Claire, like George Washington, faced with cherry trees in front of her and looks like a whipped, is as bad as coming from the future.
  • There is a spy in the middle of the regulators.
  • We need more Fergus this season.
  • Murtag is great and Jamie starts to make good moves.
  • Does Brianna just forget your traveling companion? Also, what is the idea that Roger Brianna believes he is attacking?
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