Wednesday , February 1 2023

Rogers and Bell Boxing Week Offer: $ 0 XR iPhone $ 0 with $ 115 / 10GB Plan


Early Boxing Week offers are available from Bell and Rogers for Apple's iPhone XR.

Bell offers a 64GB iPhone XR up to $ 0 with a $ 115 / 10GB Premium Smartphone Plus Ultra plan on the two-year contract. This plan includes unlimited Canadian broadband calls and unlimited text.

Once $ 35 has a one-time connection fee and the Bell offer is available only at the store.

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Also, The Source offers some store credit offers for the iPhone XR 64GB ($ 100 credit), iPhone 8 Plus ($ 100 credit) and iPhone 6s 32GB ($ 200) for those who have been active for two years. These proposals end on December 24, 2018.

Rogers offers a similar iPhone XR Deal

Rogers offers a similar deal, but for those who want to upgrade to 2 cents or upgrade to 2GB, a upped Bell, offering a 128GB iPhone XR for up to $ 0 upfront (64GB), everything on a two year contract Ultra Tab Plan plus 8GB bonus, which comes with an unlimited Canadian broadband call.

Rogers also receives $ 35 per lump-sum connection, while the offer is online or in the store.

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Writtenly, Telus does not fit the iPhone XR, but we expect them to follow in a short time.

Currently, Rogers, Telus and Bell offer double information on selection plans for the boxing week.

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