Tuesday , January 31 2023

Samsung launches Android Pie for Galaxy S9 in Europe


During the presentation Samsung began releasing Android Pie for Galaxy S9. SamMobile Other users of Twitter and Reddit distinguished German freedom for the first time they see the update available The Netherlands and Slovakia. In addition to the updates made by Google, the Android Pie also brings Samsung's One UI, a new user experience, designed to make it even easier to use apps with larger phones, among other things.

Although this latest update comes to Samsung devices faster than earlier versions of Samsung, the South Korean company is still behind HTC's love of Nokia, OnePlus and even the update software. Previously, Google tried to accelerate the adoption of new Android versions with Project Treble, but despite the launch of the program in early 2017, only 21.5 percent of Android devices were operating from Android Oreo or late October.

Samsung has faster acquisition of Android updates. Owners of the Galaxy S8 had to wait for the original version of Oreo after seven months after being used for their own devices, and Android Nougat took at least five months to reach the Galaxy S7. Samsung says it plans to release Pie in January 2019, when we expect the full global expansion of this new program.

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