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Scientists succeed in destroying HIV-infected cells


Great breakthrough: Scientists are able to destroy HIV-infected cells

People wear red ribbons to increase awareness of HIV and AIDS (Photo: Instagram)

Scientists have made great progress in finding new HIV treatments.

French researchers have found out that successful HIV-infected cells have been destroyed.

Scholars from the Pasteur Institute of Paris, the resevoir & used metabolic activity inhibitors to eliminate their cells.

Scientists succeed in destroying HIV-infected cells

Antiretroviral drugs do not allow the virus to be completely eliminated.

Even if HIV is lowered to unrecognized levels, a small amount of virus is secreted within certain cells.

If people cease taking their medicines, the virus may also multiply.

Virus remains in CD4 lymphocyte immune cells and water reservoirs, the main target of HIV.

Removal of these viral reservoirs was the main target amongst those seeking a cure for HIV.

Theoretically, this French technique can completely remove the body from the body.

Can this new method be saved from HIV?

Institut Pasteur spokesman, "Today's antiretroviral treatment is designed to prevent HIV infection, but the virus can not get out of the body.

"Virus remains in reservoirs – CD4 T lymphocyte immune cells, primary targets of HIV."

HIV intends to target cells with high metabolic activity and abduct their energy to crush.

The spokesman added: "Thanks to metabolic activity inhibitors, researchers have managed to destroy these virus-infected cells or ex vivo" water reservoirs. "

The next stage of the research will be the assessment of the potential for applying this technique to living organisms.

Trump & # 39; treatment for HIV & he closed the job

The Trump administration has effectively stopped a HIV-infected treatment in September.

The research put the tissue of human cells into mice to effectively treat new HIV-infections.

Human fetal tissue came from selective abortions. Even if anti-abortion groups oppose the investigation.

However, in late September, RML said that an email sent from a researcher to a biological contractor could not continue because of fetal tissue.

E-mail researcher at Advanced Bioscience Resources in California:[[[[Department of Health and Human Services]the only source for me was to stop buying fetal tissue from ABR. I think they provide fetal tissue for scientists in the country where they are not directly involved in fetal tissue. It effectively interrupts our research to detect HIV. "

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